Update from Milly & Jordan

Dear Cabin friends,

I wanted to give you guys an update on our journey.  Exciting news is that I got married this past May, to my beloved fiancé Jordan. We eloped to Denmark and it was truly a glorious day. After our honeymoon in Europe we visited the land of Israel on special assignment from the Holy One. While in Israel, we were able to develop some new kingdom relationships and foster some existing ones. As in heaven, so also on the earth. Wherever we go, we always make ourselves available to God to minister to and encourage those whom He sends on our path. Be it hitch hikers from Moldova, Russian tourists, artists, and yes even strangers! We try and keep our hearts open and tuned to His whisper.

As of now, we are back in the UK, and are excited about the next season approaching. We have both been busy praying and preparing our hearts for what God has in store for us, however it is a walk of faith in the leading of His whisper. Of the things that God has been grooming us for, we feel to continue developing our gifts to reach people within the arts/entertainment world.

Our calling is unusual and will involve some ministry to share and multiply our talents and gifts, but our priority is to reach those that do not know Him and to use our lives as avenues to bring others into their creative potential, mainly through the medium of music and the arts. The past three months, we have been writing lots of songs, and we have a vision to release an album by the winter.  We can’t wait to share these unique sounds with you.

At this time, we are needing to return to the United States, in order to get back to the music studio and keep plowing with our music project. We are believing God for the finances to purchase the flights to get us there, so we can finish the album by the fall.

Some of you might be wondering where the Cabin Academy website and Heavenly Collective Product store have gone. As of recently I have been unable to maintain the Heavenly Collective Product Store and the Cabin Academy website got deleted unintentionally. The reason was I had some problems with my hosting provider. I won’t bore you with the technical details, however I have kept the Podomatic page up and running so that the teachings continue to be free and available to all. Which has always been my heart. 🙂

As a recourse, I have also converted the Cabin Academy site into a blog on WordPress.com which keeps my writings and articles intact for subscribers/ readers. If you need to get in touch please do so through the blog.

As you may or may not know, the Cabin Academy ministry is run entirely on donations and the support of you beautiful ones that partner with us. Years ago, The Lord called me out of the comfort of full time employment, to serve Him and His people full time. During these past few years I have been living and trusting in Gods provision, and your donations have assisted me to continue to minister and make various resources available. It has certainly been an adventure, and not always a comfortable one either, but God is always faithful.

In the past I have used my savings to keep the website going and for my travels to minister at certain places overseas, when God has instructed me to do so. It is my heart to bless people and I believe Jesus went from place to place, as a blessing and never as a burden, however the Scriptures show that he did have a band of faithful supporters who contributed to his physical needs, so he could be freed up to go and travel….to bring life, wisdom and the kingdom of Heaven!

With God all things are possible. Jordan and I would like to invite you to pray and partner with us, and see the fulfilment of the vision for the next season. We are believing for $3000 USD ( 2,500 GBP) for our flights to return to the United States. We cannot do this alone. Will you help us?

To give via Paypal you can use this link paypal.me/millybennitt or alternatively click here to  Give a gift

If you have been inspired or blessed by any of the resources made available by Cabin Academy, or would like to sow into our vision we sincerely thank you. We thank God for supporters like you, and know that you will be blessed by His goodness and with joy as you give.

Luke 6:38 AENT

“Give and it will be given to you in good measure and pressed down and abundant it will pour into your robe in that measure. For the measure with which you measure, it will be measured to you.” 

Thank you for taking the time to read this update about our journey and thank you for joining with us in it. We pray that you may continue to go deeper into the love of God and that Yeshua (Jesus) may be the imprint on every part of your life.

In all His beauty and majesty.

Blessings and Shalom

Milly and Jordan (CamillaJordan)

Conduits of Divine Favour

We are destined to be conduits of the Fathers favour to flow freely into the earth.

Divine favour

Living channels from the eternal into the temporal.

We are powerful in that He gave us the choice in directing the flow.

I discovered recently that in 1802 a french man named Albert Mattheu drew up a proposal to create the Channel Tunnel. A means of connecting England and France under the Atlantic.  In the 1800’s this would be a tunnel, dug by oil lamp and a passage by which horse drawn carriages could make their way from one country to the other.  An Enormous vision for his day.  One that has since been fulfilled in the 1990’s but that has developed massively due to the age in which it came into being.

If we were to liken the Channel Tunnel to our lives, connecting England and France to connecting Earth and Heaven.  Depending on where our mindsets and hearts are set to.  We can be stuck in old mindsets, just like a horse and carriage plodding laboriously through the tunnel, or we can live in the reality of a high speed rail link, transporting multitudes of people and goods to and fro.

How will we choose to direct the flow of heaven?

Our choices will determine how His tree of life (the eternal expression of Him through you on the earth) will grow.
Some have mistaken the choice in directing the flow, to being a choice of keeping or releasing. However, this was never an option.

For every expression of heaven is outwardly giving, married with humility in receiving.  

Every expression of heaven carries the potential for multiplication for that is in our Fathers nature.

The humility is in our seeking of His wisdom in how to steward and release what has been given.

Our seeking of Him by desire, enhances relationship and establishes a foundation for future discussions and also an increase in flow.   

The flow of Divine favour, can be applied to Healings, Miracles, Grace, Time, Mysteries and of course Finances the list goes on and on.

It is pride that resists and inhibits His flow into the earth.  But we are new creations, so lets manifest that; rather than be drains of His purposes for we are called to steward and administrate this eternal kingdom.

Life is a journey of mountains and valleys.  Rather like a wheel, the time we spend in either place is irrelevant because there are beautiful lessons that we learn in both places and ultimately it is all part of the journey.  The high places of prospering be that spiritually or physically, and also low places of lack, vulnerability or feeling dry spiritually.

It is with humility that we learn to receive when others reach down to help us during our valley times.  Our lives still as conduits are the connectors of the high and low places, so that there can still be testimonies of God’s faithfulness in both places.  

Testimonies that can propel others from valleys to high places.  There are wheels within wheels.

For example, a prospering person with a dry spiritual walk, might find they are in a valley of hopelessness, and see a less prosperous person with a vibrant spiritual walk as being a mountain dweller.  However what if the perceived mountain dweller was feeling in a valley of their own?  What if they could not feed or clothe their children or were battling with long term sickness?  The valley/mountain analogy is so often a matter of perception.  The answer to both could be in each other.

There is a glory in the flow of His favour in community.

The key is that we can all be channels of His Goodness in the times when we struggle, just as much as when we are prospering.  Wether in lack or plenty, the wheels and cycles of the times are turning.  

Will we open our hearts and lives wider still, to facilitate the Divine Favour to flow into the earth?

We are powerful in that we have a choice, and our level of spiritual maturity will determine what we are trusted with and the choices we make.

may the Sons arise



Time is of the (Divine) essence

How often do we feel like the rabbit on Alice in Wonderland?

Frantically looking at our watch, anxious, worrying needlessly about getting somewhere on time, of being late, of missing an appointment, of running out of time. I confess, Yes to each and every one.

If time has been given to us as a gift, why do we allow it to persecute and hold us captive unnecessarily?

Movies such as “In Time” with Justin Timberlake, Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon show that Hollywood is prophesying again in the place where the church is not.

Firstly allow me to reassure you, that we need not be threatened by time, punished by it or ruled by it. After all Jesus wasn’t. He was hassled by His friends and put under pressure to get places on time and He had no problem with turning up seemingly late. take the story of Jairus daughter or his dear friend Lazarus.
So why did He not mind being late? What was the worst that could happen?

“that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.”

Hallelujah that even lateness can bring glory to the Son of God. Isn’t that the best excuse ever?

Well Jesus was not governed by earthly chronos time, of 24hours a day.

He was living from another time zone and without the jet lag.

He was living from an eternal reality from each God opportune time to the next. He was living in and administrating Kairos time. Drawing the whole of humanity in with Him.

This is not to say that the earthly time that the Father gave us in creation was a mistake. Not at all.  The Father laid out parameters for us to govern time; day and night, months and cycles with the moon and tides of the ocean.  It is all calculated with such perfection and precision.  Creation is in time, but it is also groaning.

What I find interesting is that scientists state that over the years, the speed of light has not been a constant.  It has been accelerating. So what was classed as a year, many many years ago, might not be the case now.

However being In Him and In the Spirit allows us to encompass these boundaries.  To hold them in our hearts.

As His sons, we are born of eternity and the Father is highlighting and urging us into the eternal perspective rather than being limited to earthly time.  The cloud of witnesses are participating in the function of heaven, today as they were thousands of years ago.  A day with Him is as a thousand.

The Father gets our attention in a multitude of ways.

IMG_1870Over the past year, I have had a real dilemma…my time keeping devices, keep breaking.

I don’t like the sound of ticking clocks, but even my non-ticking clocks keep breaking. Anything that tells me the earthly time, especially watches break.

Be it the battery, screen, strap, buckle Within days of it coming into my possession they break. I like watches as a fashion accessory, but I can’t wear them now. It took me a while to realise.  Even the little digital clock on my car dashboard kept breaking.

The last time, I was in Australia, the Lord kept teasing me with the time zones.  I was almost late to a meeting I was sharing at, because my phone had decided to keep the time zone of the previous city I had been in.

But despite the apparent “lack of time” I still made it to the meeting in time. Weird!

Another occasion, I was able to, by faith, turn time back 12minutes.

I was in a taxi on the way to the airport and was running extremely late.

In faith/desperation I turned back time, a total of 12minutes and the on board computerised meter displayed

“Passenger pick up time – 10.52. Current time – 10.40.”

I tried it a few times when I was running late for work….and it worked!  His grace teaches us even in our mistakes.  He honours our faith to engage with heavens reality even if it is because we did not get ourselves ready in time for work.

The Lord has since been baffling me further. Especially during times of transit and in particularly journeys in the car. You see, I will often gain time as I step in and engage Him in the eternal realm while driving, earthly time must bow down.
– because time is a gift.
I have also stolen time (by accident), on a couple of occasions, where I have gained time on a journey to meet friends and they have lost the exact same amount of time. Despite there being no traffic.

Time is to be governed and I believe can also be “bent” according to Papa’s purposes.  Although there is so much that I still don’t understand, but what great opportunities to draw us into Him for the answers!

Recently while driving to Leicester to see friends, Atlee and Hazel, I gained an hour on the journey.  It didn’t seem a very long trip, but I had such a sweet time with the Lord.  I realised that time is a gift!  Even the GPS predicted me arriving an hour later than I had.

The same happened on my return back home. I was giving a lift to a friend and we even took a long detour, yet still gained 40 minutes on the journey. It is a great way to save time, and petrol!  We even drove for approximately 30miles in 4minutes in “earthly time”. But it felt like much longer than just 4 minutes.

When Atlee and Hazel heard about the transportation testimony, they wanted to trade into it. So they gave me a bottle of wine,to sow into the transportation. They were acting in faith. Then on their return journey, they were also transported. Missing a huge chunk of the journey and gaining time. Please note, this was their faith engaging with a testimony and them trading was sowing something that cost them, into something they had seen God do.

Wether it was a bottle of wine, or £2, heaven recognised that faith is the greatest currency.
Time is not something to be threatened by, or to be aggressive towards. When we see losing time, we are seeing according to lack which is rooted in poverty.

When we are viewing circumstances and our lives from the place of eternity from being seated In Christ Jesus, In heavenly places, we are seated in eternity. We see abundance instead of lack.

There is a weight to what we are starting to engage with concerning time.

Redeem time and the times

I have been taken back in time on numerous occasions. In one instance it was to an incident before I knew the Lord, where I was  in an all night rave and the Lord took me back there to participate in the Spirit.

He showed me dreadful things, I had long forgotten about. I did not feel condemned or ashamed because He has shown me that is is removed from His memory, but that the land still carried a memory of it.  I stood in that place, in the spirit and was praying and releasing my destiny.

It amazes me to think that when I was in that place, in a pit of depravity, my spirit man, from the future was there praying and petitioning the Father that my destiny be outworked. Not only that, I was administrating His will for many other people at that place. I also legislated the destruction of that place physically.

The place in present day is no longer there. Every brick was torn down.

Just before I came back, He reminded me that I had seen the sun rise that morning, and felt the purity of the dew and sun light on my face. He reminded me that He had done that to demonstrate His grace and impart hope even though I stunk with the stench of sin. He is so kind and now He is teaching us how to time travel! Awesome Dad.
On a recent trip to Israel, it was an entirely Kairos timed trip. The Lord joyfully showed us that at every opportunity. He opened the door for me to go and subsequently everything He purposed responded to His call in heaven and on earth.

On numerous occasions, He allowed us to expand time to complete His purposes without any kind of a rush. He begun to teach me how to do this too. This proved extremely helpful in areas of significance and some not open to the public that miraculously we had all to ourselves.

Paul said in Ephesians 5:15-16 Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

Paul was not chasing them into busy-ness like we can so often consume ourselves with. The time that Paul refers to is Kairos.

For Paul was calling them into stewarding the heavenly moments and to walk in wisdom.

I will finish up by sharing part of a intense encounter I had.  I believe it is an invitation for us as sons to engage with what the ancients were intrigued by to align ourselves with His desires and not the evil desires conceived in violence.

the Gate of Times

I saw what seemed like a wheel which was also a gate. It was nearly impossible to compare it to anything seen before even this description is through the filters of my little head.

It had intricately advanced inscriptions on it that were way beyond my knowledge. Rather like a child in kindergarten being given the annual accounts for Apple computers, when all it knows at that stage is that A is for Apple.

I looked again as when you do this, revelation often opens up to absorb you into and to explain more of what you are seeing.

I was suddenly aware of the enormity of this wheel but it was more than a wheel. It was Huge and filled my vision. I was terrified. I tried to look away but it was so huge, it was everywhere.

It had layers that were beyond 4 dimensional. I was told that it was a Gate of Times.
As I looked at the inscriptions, asking the Lord for understanding, I could see they were divided into 12. However each was also a throne. Each throne, was so large, it was as if a company of people could take their place there. The weight of responsibility was too great for just one person.

It was for the Body, with the Lord as its head. It was as if my understanding was limiting what I was able to see. The gate was not open, it seemed to require for the 12 thrones, to be functioning in order for it to open.
At the moment it was not fully open due to its connections to chronos time. In a sense because this had not been addressed, it seemed to be the false governing body in rulership of the gate.

However when this entire gate was to be clicked into place it would be opening an entirely new time/age.

This opening was to usher in Kairos time. I could see that some had engaged with the gate, and at different times in history had pressed through. However as a whole entity this could not open fully until all were aligned.

Daniel 7.25 speaks of a king with pompous words against the Most High who will persecute the saints and “shall intend to change times and laws then the saints shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time v26. But the court shall be seated And they shall take away his dominion to consume and destroy it forever”
This pompous king mentioned in Daniel, was (and is) intent on changing the times and laws.

What laws might these be? Natural laws? Laws that God has set in place?  However we interpret the times and laws, there is an invitation here to be a part of the court in heaven, to “take away his dominion to consume and destroy it forever”

Our knowledge of and conscious participation with the courts of heaven has really increased in recent years.
Daniel was very much involved in them, I often see him there.  He has helped me to understand some of the processes there.

There is an invitation to those who are desiring to learn of the secret things of the Lord. We know from Psalms it is for those that fear Him. In Hebrew the word to Fear, is used in conjunction with another word that means to See. So as you See the Lord you are in Awe of Who He truly is and thus hold absolute reverence towards Him.

As we seek the Lord and the mysteries that He has stored up for us. We can be awestruck and aligned with His timings in a place of rest.  For He has placed eternity in our hearts.  

Much of what we have seen from end times theology has provoked feelings of alarm and panic especially at the increasingly apocalyptic events taking place on the news each day.

Time is a gift and as we nurture it and learn to redeem it, we as a Body can learn how to usher creation, history and the future into Kairos…together. There will be signs and wonders to confirm this.



I saw in a vision last year, someone declaring that Big Ben clock in London would stop working and that it would not start again, until they said so.

It made the news, and people could not get it fixed. It would not start again.

God was getting the attention of the nation about His timings.

I believe that this will create an opportunity for a son to speak with the leaders of the nation about the timings of God.

I am not sure who that person will be or when this will be. Or if this was a symbolic vision of what is taking place with the shift from chronos to kairos time.  With that in mind, I wonder if it is a play on words, with Ben meaning “son of my right hand”

Is it time for the sons to stop time as we know it and administrate the kairos time?

As we travel the eternal journey together, embracing and not held captive to Time as time is of the Divine essence.


Threshold of Wonder

The past 6 months have been rather a whirlwind of Holy Spirit lead travel around the Globe.  Seeing promises released into the heart of nations and seeing creation and weather patterns respond.  My time has been stretched and writing sparse but His faithfulness is to be boasted of and the joy of seeing people encounter His love is a reward to be treasured.  

Just as I was enjoying the journey on the unknown path, the inner groans of desire to step into a new threshold of knowing Him, exploded  in my spirit -knocking frantically on my Fathers door.  The Lord gladly answers those who draw near, with confronting revelation that tends to leave us flabbergasted.  Our response really interests Him, I pray as you read you will receive revelatory downloads and that a response is triggered in your heart to go deeper, lower and further. Worthy is the Lamb.  

I was meditating in wonder at the call of our glorious God.

He sits outside of time, patiently observing; yet so intricately involved in; the goings on of eternity.  

I believe that we are tip toeing into a time that the heroes of the faith set their hopes on.

A time of revelatory expansion, but also an enhancement of our understanding as we learn to walk in the ways of God (Zech 3), judging in His House and participating in His Courts then we will be given places to walk or in another version, we will be given access with those who stand by.

This access is a threshold in the kingdom, that I believe many are entering through, in this hour.  

As straightforward as it may seem to birth and nurture the destiny of our time. His desires are not confined or limited to this planet alone. He is the Lord of all creation.

The reason we tip toe is; because it is a unknown adventure.  In reverent awe, we trust Him with each step. For knowing Him is to know the Way.  We see in part and our dependency in Him is what qualifies us. 

We tread carefully but confidently into the revelatory threshold as we embrace the Fear of the Lord and lean into Wisdom.  We are stepping into the days of His revealing and of the sons of glory.

When we glimpse more of His greatness, it unravels us yet, just as powerfully invites us in deeper.

Sometimes a story says it best.  Several years ago I travelled up the coast to the far North of Vietnam.  It had taken many hours in a overnight train and a (near death experience) bus journey to a small mountain town called Sapa, 1500m above sea level and the most easterly part of the Himalayas.

I was intrigued by the shear beauty of the place.  So high up, nestled in the sky almost.  The clouds swamped the streets and drizzle gently kissed my cheeks as I stepped out of the bus.  It was a mystically peaceful place, hidden in the clouds.  It was so quiet, as if each sound particle was absorbed into the haze.

Smile He loves you

The welcoming smiles of the Red Dao and Black Hmong minorities stole my heart.

The following morning, I was enjoying wandering the sleepy mist draped town, discovering the market and alleyways.  I could not stop taking pictures, everything was new and capturing my attention.

Later I and some friends decided to go trekking. I was a little reluctant to leave the peaceful town. But adventure got the better of me!  A few hours later we were slowly making our way up mountain paths. We climbed a awkward and slippery mud track accompanied by some chatty local hill-tribe children keen to practice their english. To us it was treacherous, with the lack of visibility and unfamiliar surroundings, yet the children were perfectly at home.  This was the route to the village where they lived.

We stumbled out of the undergrowth the sunshine greeted us.  I squinted as my eyes readjusted to the light then gasped as my eyesight leapt across the magnificent vista to scan the opposite mountains and valleys.

Now I could not even reach for my camera, for astonishment had paralyzed me.  This was a panoramic moment that only my memory could retain.

The morning cloud had moved on its way revealing in that “Ta Daaa” moment a rich and glorious landscape of terraced rice-paddy’s in multiple shades of green cascading beneath us.  The air was so crisp it dazzled me. A village of huts, was peeking out of the valley with wisps of smoke, a stream and water buffalo.

Everything I had ever seen before this moment seemed irrelevant. For this vast view, was beyond anything I had expected. Vast view

My eyes were required to enlarge.

I believe as we courageously step outside of mediocrity and our ministerial comfort zones, we will be found similarly awestruck and paralyzed having tip toed into a new threshold of wonder.

It is our Spirit lead desire, that draws us through the door of hope. His radical plans are hard to describe for we have nothing to compare them to.

But it is our simple desire to know the One who stands at the threshold and trusting in His goodness that releases us into involvement in our Fathers plans.

He ploughs through our expectations and sometimes where we have limited understanding, the journey can look a little chaotic.  This does not mean that He is not with us.  Often this is just the effect of a power struggle.  Of our flesh colliding with His Spirit.  As we engage understanding and continue to trust Him, we begin to see His divine order is in so much of what we would have previously dismissed as chaotic.

Our greatest power lies in vulnerability before Him and each other. His vulnerability in giving what was most precious to Him, then trusting us to rule.  

He was serving us in humility before we were even conceived.


Our vulnerability lies in heart connections. Trusting and journeying, knowing that our brother or sister, however different they may be to us in appearance or mindsets, still carry our own (spiritual) flesh and blood and therefore shared inheritance.

Let honor flow.

There is no such thing as an expert when you stand beside Him.  

The sign on the threshold, reads simply – “mind your head”  

How low can you go? 

We can not earn this inheritance, we may only receive it through hearts postured in humility and confidence in the Divine Expert, Creative Director and Life Breath Inspiration of our times.  

Our Father God, Majestic Son and Holy Spirit.  

In Him, on the journey 


His Rest Assured


I have missed you!  The past few months I have been stretched into new places with Him. Expansion is a time to be treasured and monopolised. It certainly left me relying on new levels of grace and stripped me of self-dependancy.

For anyone that has done a skydive, you will know that the initial thrill or terror of jumping, is soon met with an indescribable intensity of free-fall.  It is crazy, not knowing which way is up or down. My only awareness when I jumped years ago, was of the pull of gravity and of high velocity air hammering out the inside of my lungs (and my cheeks..which resembled that of a bloodhound at full gallop).

However, when the parachute is pulled, life screeches to a halt and the welcoming landscape comes into focus at a more acceptable rate. A rate that a human brain can more fully process.  The descent can then be enjoyed in the sweet canopy of the parachute.  Transition can be a lot like this.

Something I have been learning, while being in transition is the journey of Rest.  Good ol Rest!  Rest in transition and rest during times of opposition.

Rest was something that I thought I knew all about, yet in the false comfort of my own knowledge He lovingly revealed my total ignorance. 

Rest is more than a Sunday.  Rest allows our lives to carry the life breath of heaven.  Rest is active and not passive.  Rest is a powerful weapon in warfare….a valuable lesson to learn, and the sooner the better really.  Rest is secure of the outcome and in carrying His divine identity.  Rest is unshakeable and courageous.

Rest actively reaches into the supply of heaven without striving.

Rest enjoys the freefall, while confidently holding the parachute chord.

Rest releases the Fathers will on the earth.

As we partner with rest, we are aligning ourselves with how Jesus did ministry.

Rest has a timeless perspective.

Jesus was in no hurry to go and pray for Jairus’ daughter.  He did not rush to pray for his dear friend Lazarus and yet He maintained in absolute rest seeing into His Fathers future plans and bringing more glory to Him in the process.  He calmly administrated resurrection glory as He went His way.  Not bowing down to mans demands or well meaning manipulation, but rather living in rest.

Jesus was absolutely secure in the reality He was living from and it was out of this place that He released life!  He is the resurrection and the life. It was out of this place that Jesus calmed the storm. He is the Prince of peace

Until we find our security in Him in this place, we will struggle to operate in authority over death…or the weather.

Whilst journeying this out, I found myself questioning the paradox of rest in warfare. How we can be in rest while fighting.  Resting yet standing.  Remember I thought I knew all about rest, but I really didn’t.

Rest is produced from living and moving in the Spirit.

It is interesting how the evil one will use surprise tactics to catch us off guard and alarm us with circumstances erupting out of our control to tip us from that place of rest.  We find ourselves knocked from the awareness and assurance that Papa has everything in hand to believing a false reality of distress.  Initially we may want to panic, to jump up and fight in anger, or to flee from intimidation.  The deceiver uses a diverse range of tactics.

But our eyes are on the prize, the victory that Jesus showed us with arms outstretched at the cross that we might come to the Father. He invites us to never depart from His rest. Rest in His love, no matter how painful the situation. It could be a terminal illness, court case, family crisis, loss of a job or home whatever it may be

He has promised us rest. Two of my dear friends were diagnosed with cancer this year and their faith has been openly displayed in their rest and steadfast trust in their Beloved’s victory and their Father’s plans for their lives.

Rest decrees from the high place of His Face to that situation to come into alignment with the Fathers will.

The whole of heaven will move on behalf of His will.  His will is revealed through His many names and His Word by His Spirit.

As we lean into His counsel, He shows us beyond the situation, giving us perspective that is more powerful than ammunition.  Perspective arms us with peace and shatters many illusions that the enemy would paint.

Actively engaging rest, is a far cry from being a passive victim crippled by fear.  Our warfare should be about fighting to enter His rest.  From that place, we see that many spot fires that the evil one has lit are often minor distractions from the great and wonderful calling that our Father is beckoning us into.

Hebrews 4 describes entering His rest as being a promise from God.  “For we who have believed enter that rest..” (v3) It is a promise of a Sabbath rest for the people of God.  An entering into the fullness of who He is because Jesus is our high priest.

Warfare can leave us feeling incredibly vulnerable so I pray that His Rest would restore and protect you from becoming weary or discouraged.  I pray that hope and courage is solidified in your heart even as you read this.

You are not alone.

You are very much His and as you enter His rest you will see resurrection glory. 


Exposing Glory

gloryMy default is to chat about being a prism of His Presence. I get so excited at the reality of being In Him and Him in us. 

I admit  is somewhat of an anchor point for me.  But also a hidden truth with an invitation to engage, that I don’t think we have fully grasped yet. 

It is an unbelievable honor to refract the awe and glory of what He has placed in us, on the outside of us. Who can fully understand it?

It is a mystery that although weighty to administrate, should come  naturally for those that are born from above.

It is not just about  His expression through you, but the very nature of His Goodness, His creative light, His limitless grace, His life, His riches. His identity.

As we gain revelation of this glory through engaging the Face of the Source; our Father in heaven.  We learn that this is not a glory to be gambled with for selfish gain.  We can’t allow for the outward manifestation to be taken and prostituted by ministry pimps. 

A harsh and shocking description, but it is something that has deeply grieved me. 

In the glory all kinds of things are exposed.  This is what happens as we walk in and bring light. 

In times of signs and wonders and His manifest glory, people’s hearts are instantly exposed. 

Everything is revealed in His manifest glory.  For those that have eyes to see. 

Eyes to see, do not see the manifestations and the signs and wonders, they see the Fathers heart behind it.  Their response is humility and thankfulness. 

Eyes that do not see, are orphan eyes. They have come for what they can get.  They see the manifestation through eyes of lack.  To them there will never be enough to go round.  They see the sign and wish to lay hold of it, but bypass the Source. 

Some, even in atmospheres of awe and wonder, are planning how to generate the same atmosphere next time.  They are writing the hype to bring visitors to their ministry page or conference.  They are polishing the ministry medal of another miracle. We can’t prostitute His Presence like previous ministry models have. 

We have tasted and glimpsed what the future glory would look like, but I believe there is a chasm of humility that is awaiting our exploration before we can reveal the future glory. 

Dear people like Joshua Mills or Heidi Baker are already living in the chasm of humility, the glory they are walking in, oozes with the humility of Jesus.  We can learn so much from them.

The Glory of God is so precious, it is what I live for. It is the substance of Who He is.  He delights in manifesting it with the unknown seekers of His face. 

I first experienced gold dust in a little apartment in Vietnam. I was alone, not in a church, and not even doing anything spiritual.  Yet when I received that the first time, my heart was exposed.  For immediately I felt like I should be “doing” something spiritual, now that God had given me the gold dust. 

The performance mentality that was festering in my heart at the time was exposed, ugly as it was.  But shortly after this, He took me into such a depth of His marvelous grace that I begun to get set free of performance mentality.  Hallelujah! 

His Glory exposes but it also liberates!!! 

He came recently when I was in Adelaide sharing at a conference with a remarkable group of young adults in their twenties.  He came tangibly in a thunder and lightning storm outside as we worshiped, but when He visited us in His wonderful glory – everyone was still before Him. It was truly precious.

This group of people so valued His presence, they did nothing to quench it or try and control it.  Every molecule in the room seemed to resonate with the Fathers delight!  Their hungry hearts and expectation it seemed was cuddling His Presence. Lingering and enjoying the wonder of intimacy with Him.  

The worship leader, the youth pastor, everyone simply abided and welcomed Him.  Welcomed the Habitation rather than seeing the visitation and then moving on with the meeting.  Hallelujah! It was glorious. 

As we expand our hearts, He lingers.  As we abide, He inhabits. 

It is rearranging, to be in a meeting where all are laid out flat on the floor at the weight and holiness that His tangible glory brings.  It is sweet and sometimes terrifying too. 

He longs for pure heart face to Face communion with His beloveds. That is what His glory rests on. 

Learning to be sensitive to His desires in a meeting is a valuable lesson for hosting His glory.  Not just for worship leaders, but for those bringing words or prophecies.  We can all bring and add a flavor of heaven to the atmosphere. But let us be aligned with His desires for the meeting.  Not our own.     

He is abounding in grace and so lavish in His loving thoughts towards us.  As we welcome Him in all ways that He chooses to manifest, we become trusted stewards of His glory. 

Being a host of His presence individually is the starting place, and a place we can never depart from.

But as we are united by love in community, we learn to walk in His ways corporately, hosting the substance of heaven In community.  I long to see this in fullness. I have seen elements of this in worship and prayer and am believing for entire regions of people united and living out of Heaven daily. Bringing that reality and hosting His glory on the earth. 

The practical outworking as this happens, will see our cities and nations turned inside out. 

Our focus will not be self-centred but God-centred. United in mutual adoration of Him by His Spirit, that He can then unite us in mutual adoration of the creation He has entrusted us with.

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea Hab 2:14     

His glory was not meant for one or two chosen believers but for a living Body. 

A transparent community of Christ (annointed) ones that would cover the earth in glory.  One in Spirit.

Gone are the days of the celebrity ministers, that want to have a great name known on Christian TV.  Let us welcome the sons of obscurity, the hidden ones that bear their Fathers image.  Sons from within our own church or city even.  It is easy to embrace people from distant lands that walk in a measure of glory, yet sometimes we are blind to the glorious ones hidden in plain sight within our own communities.  

It takes spiritual fathers to recognize the glory in these obscure ones and call it out in a place of safety.  To love and to believe in them, despite knowing their inadequacies.  

Parents know the most about their children’s short comings and weaknesses.  I know mine certainly did!

So it is our duty as spiritual mums and dads, to encourage their strengths and cheer the sons into overcoming the shortcomings; celebrating in every victory.  Jesus knew each and every weakness of the disciples yet He chose to send them out. He chose to make them powerful, even enough to betray Him. 

Justin Abraham of Company of Burning Hearts in Wales has taught me so much about fathering particularly for this generation.  Justin is dedicated to empowering and releasing the hidden ones about the Fathers business.  (just like Jesus did with the disciples). He even chooses to hide himself in order to promote others and see them step into their calling.  He is secure enough in who he is, to endorse others in their unique gifting’s as they mature. Going low to lift others high, in the safety of a father and with the space to make mistakes.      

As sons, we are known by our Fathers name. Sealed with His identity by the spirit of adoption and set to inherit the wonders and workings of our Fathers kingdom. 

Haggai prophesied “The glory of this latter house will be greater than of the former… and in this place I will give peace says the Lord”

It is going to be greater than what we have known and how my heart aches to see it emerge in fullness

This is a living, moving, breathing house, a house that breathes the light of His glory in the fullness of His peace.

Resuscitating the nations into the knowledge of His Glory. 

Trusted, faithful, temporarily hidden yet revealed in heaven. We are the New Jerusalem. Exposing Glory. 

Come out

 Come outCome out, is a cry from His Spirit to ours. 

Come out and live from the inside out, in every aspect of our lives and in all that we do. 

When we live from the inside out, we allow who Christ is in each of us to be clearly displayed. 

This is a courageous thing in itself. 

To allow the depths of who He is in you to be revealed. 

Our innermost heart. Our spirit transparent and on display on the outside of us. 

The world has taught us to live from the outside in.  To hide the depths of who we are in an attempt at self-preservation and fear of rejection. 

We form complex layers of characteristics for ourselves shaped and stitched together by disappointments and other relational dysfunctions.

We choose to display just a portion of who we are on the outside. Glimpses then escape to the observant eye, crying out for acceptance and recognition. It may be in the form of certain clothes, behaviours, language, life style patterns and emotions.  We have been conditioned to conform by the worlds ever changing standards.

Yet what the world is crying out for is a safe place; a safety in love. 

I remember as a child trying on my Grandpa’s spectacles.  They were so blurred to me I could not see a thing. It used to be such fun putting them on and then bumping into furniture. However after a while if I hadn’t already been told off, id start to feel nauseous and would have to take them off anyway. 

This is a parallel to us living from the outside in.  All the world sees of us, is a distorted view, not a true image of who we truly are.  This leads to suspicion and frequently we bump into each other, like me and the spectacles.  How many of us have been betrayed and not seen it coming.  We take this hurt and add it to our already darkened and distrusting perception of life. What we see, through the blurred lenses of our broken soul issues are distorted views of life and the world around us. 

We don’t have to retreat and cower in self-focussed inadequacy because in Christ we have liberty by the Spirit. 1Corinth 15, says that

V43-44 “what was sown in dishonour will be reaped in glory, what was sown in weakness will be reaped in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body”. 

We don’t have to live according to our past carnal identity. We have a new name and address in heaven and we can live from that inner reality outwardly on the earth.

Stewards of the mystery of His fullness.  Christ is In us.

It is time to be who God made us and called us to be in order to reveal the expectation and glory of the age to come.

Our lives set ablaze can be beacons of hope and our liberty can set others free.

I really love what Nelson Mandela said in his inaugural speech in 1994 about letting our lights shine before all men and that..

 “we were born to make manifest the glory of God within us. It’s not just in some of us it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others”

Our freedom can set others free.


As we trust our Father and allow our spirits to stand up, to be at liberty on the outside of us and to no longer be ruled by the soul and the flesh.  Then we welcome His covering of glory to rest.  We are clothed and commissioned for ruler-ship.  

It is a choice, to allow our spirits to stand up. Just as it is a choice to linger in the secret place of His Presence and to pursue the truth of what it means to be Born of God.  It is a choice to take His word like a sword and use it to divide your soul and spirit. (Heb 4:12) These simple choices will empower you to live by the Spirit.   

First Adam was a living being, but last Adam was a life giving Spirit. (1Corinth 15v45) 

What a joy and a privilege that we are no longer naked and ashamed in first Adam, but we can be clothed in glory and giving life by His Spirit to all around us.  

the first man was of the dust of the earth, the second man from heaven. As was the earthly man, so are those who are of the earth and as is the man from heaven so also are those who are of heaven.(1Corinth 15v47-48) 

We can take the inner most truth of His love for us and be freely clothed in it.  Just as Joseph’s coat of many colours identified him as a favoured son. Displaying the freedom and favour of heaven by ushering the unseen into the visible.

Living out of our eternal reality on the earth. 

Cocooned and secure seeing everything with absolute clarity.  This is how He wills us to live all of the time so that others can then feel free to be themselves around you.   

He empowered us with free choice and daily our choices can empower or disable us. 

To bear the image of the heavenly or earthly  – you choose

Inner reality or outward reality – you choose

Perishable or imperishable – you choose 

To glow with the light, glory and truth of His fullness in you – He already chose you!  

Come out!


A key called simplicity

A key called simplicity
I find myself ever baffled by the mystery of His provision.

Take Salvation for example.  It is impossible to achieve, and yet received so easily through the simplicity of our agreement.  A mystery! 
His marvellous Kingdom operates through mystery and simplicity.
Some of the greatest miracles I have seen, have appeared to have been remarkably easy, yet practically impossible to achieve through natural means.  I have seen remarkable healings, through little more than trusting that heaven was with me and that they were believing just as I was; for the provision of God’s Names to be revealed in that situation.  A physical manifestation of the unseen reality of His kingdom. 
As mentioned on previous posts, I have seen money miraculously appear and be multiplied right in front of me.  Not even because I asked; but because I was living by faith trusting in the abundance of what I’d seen Him provide for in my future
I was seeking His kingdom and righteousness before my own needs. (Mat 6:33) In the natural at that time my financial reality had resembled a wilderness. I entered that season voluntarily, but He demonstrated His faithfulness because of my simple trusting Him and believing in Him to accomplish His will.  I wouldn’t choose to live that way long term but it made that word become flesh in me and revealed through simple process where my securities were anchored. 
On other occasions, He changed dirty dollar coins in my purse into gloriously shiny ones.  I couldn’t wait to give them away.  Then at a cash register, He changed a red Australian $20 note for a yellow $50 note in my hand. Not because I even needed it at the time but because He is able and He genuinely likes to be involved in all aspects of our lives.  Welcome His involvement! 
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and of kings to search it out.  We are born into royalty as kings, inheritors of a Kingdom.  
As heirs, we learn the intricacies of relationship which equips us best for ruler-ship
 Through union with Him we can begin to experientially know His unsearchable heart and marvellous ways.  
Even the pathways of the multi-layered heavenly realms are readily accessible through the invisible currency of faith, hope and love.  Of righteousness, peace and joy.  A priceless currency yet extravagantly available to those found In Him. 
Brother Laurence once said that “Simplicity is the key to divine assistance” 
The endless wonder of journeying with Papa, is not complicated.  It can never depart from the power of simplicity.  Of our childlike surrendered agreement with His perfect will regardless of cost. 
For freely we received (everything) from Him, while we were dead in our sins.  Yet now in Him, we live.  Our grateful expression is that freely we give -everything!
For now we are eternal and where we are, He is too.  We can bring life and hope in fact HIM just by showing up as ambassadors of His grace.
It’s not complicated and it’s not even confined to the flesh. We can show up in the spirit too.
Those who are joined to the Lord are one spirit with Him.  (1 Corinthians 6:17). We can administrate the mysteries of His kingdom without being physically present.  Just as Paul did in order to bring judgement in 1 Corinthians 5:4. 
We can love people groups and call in justice, release grace and hope to people out of our physical reach, yet who we still carry in our hearts and brood over and cover with our spirits. 
Religious minds perceive the kingdom realms to be like, an alarmed building with a series of  pin codes to disarm alarms  before entering.  When it is actually quite a simple procedure, so simple a child can do it.
We insert the key of simplicity and step in by faith.
To join the celebration in heaven as we to unlock His mystery’s to a searching world.  


Hatching the mysteries of heaven

Hatching the mysteries of heaven
The heavenly realms are the ultimate; interactive learning experience.
It is where we are taught the oracles of God and the protocols of His Kingdom.
We present ourselves by faith in humility and hunger and the journey begins.
Spirit to spirit we receive downloads of infused knowledge.
Revelation draws back the curtains to a view that our spirits have already seen.
Restoring and re-calibrating, that we resonate with His divine frequencies. On returning to earth, a grace is required to articulate the indescribable mysteries that have been witnessed.
Trying to confine and describe an eternal reality to a measured dimension of time.
I was getting frustrated with being unable to suitably express the magnitude of what He had been showing me. My clumsy words seemed to limit and taint His holiness and majesty. So I asked Papa about it and He really helped me. Sometimes He teaches us in this way, to transform us inwardly first. He overwhelms us to such a degree that we are incapable of putting language to much of it initially. His truth then has time to brew out from our spirit into our souls.
Trying to feed our spirits from the outside, in is carnality. This choice caused Adam and Eve to fall. Rather Holy Spirit teaches us to feast on the tree of life. So that who He is on the inside of us, in our spirits, can be outworked through our soul. This is eventually displayed through our bodies into the physical realm. This means that we can live out the revelation.
We can carry the frequency of His light; be that through a life-changing encounter or mystery, so that we can be vessels of the heavenly.
We were not meant to contain Him. But we can be living flows of His Spirit on the earth depositing here what we are engaging in there.
We can allow the inner workings of His power to diffuse through us; discovering who He is making us to be. The more we engage and allow His perfecting work in us; we can better express the nature of His ways and majesty of His names.
In the past we have been impressed and dazzled by peoples’ encounters and the prophetic. We have been entertained and even fed off them rather than the Source. We have exalted the person because of it and not Papa. This grieves my heart, not only because of the celebrity idolatry but also because it was a rarity and uncommon for people to be living in heaven on the earth. Many of the saints and mystics had incredible encounters but they were careful in how and what they shared. Shying away from affirmation, and deflecting any attention to God. Many of their writings were only really shared to those close to them or after they had died.
I believe it is good to share our experiences; as they can be encouraging and inspire people to press in to places they did not realise were accessible. Timing of the delivery and obedience are key. We should share as He leads and not according to what we think we should share.
There is a maturing in waiting on Him to reveal the meat of the message behind the encounter, and in the persistence in finding out the different layers to revelation.
Most encounters are a tiny door into the chasms of truth He is longing to show you.
As you venture further in, you may sense a particular theme for example government, worship, nations and strategies. It could be something unique that He is entrusting you with to release to His precious ones. Papa’s ways are not confined to the church or the Body of Christ. It is quite possible that He will show you mysteries in the Kingdom realms like he did Daniel, Ezekiel or Jonah that are intended to bring change. These may come as anointed words to leaders of nations, or it could be an invitation to stand in the gap and ask God to change His mind about a matter. Abraham asked God to spare Lot and his household that were living in Sodom.
As we engage heaven and go about our daily lives, perhaps, while at work, you may overflow the tangible presence of the fear of the Lord into a global corporation. What would that look like?
You may be taken in the spirit and see the joy and liberty of heaven saturate a high security prison. What would that look like? These are small things in comparison to the greater possibilities of walking with Him.
We host the atmosphere of the places we have been engaging simply by stepping into a room. 
The first time I recognised this was a few years ago when Joshua Mills came to my church in Sydney. I felt him arrive outside because of the atmosphere he was walking in. A few minutes later he and his angelic ministers walked in.
The inward churning of revelation incubates in us, allowing wisdom and understanding to weave it into our paradigm of thinking. My sister would often have batches of eggs to hatch on her farm. The process is not over night and sometimes not all would hatch. They must be turned frequently under the infra-red heat. If the temperature is altered even slightly it affects the life of the chick inside the egg. 
Incubating revelation is a key for the mysteries of heaven that we are being entrusted with.
The initial inability to speak after encountering Him in the kingdom realms is not a bad thing. It preserves the sacred until the right timing to release.
The living breath of God carries a weight. Likewise when we speak the  utterances of His heart, they carry the same weight. 
The weight of this glory is not measured in earthly units, but in choices. Choices, such as the price paid by Mary to sit at His feet in the just to be known by Him. To be trusted with the things that carry importance in His heart.
The weight of this glory is priceless. To be trusted in beholding, becoming and administrating the mysteries of heaven, are some of the greatest privileges known to creation.   

Beautiful mind – out of ours into His

Beautiful mind – out of ours and into His
Renewing of the mind is the desire driven meditation on the person of God.
However sometimes our thought-life can be hijacked by circumstantial meditation. Also known as “worry”. 
Worry is idolatry because we hold that in higher regard than His Lordship
 Unfortunately worrying or any other form of destructive thought process becomes a bad habit. This is what has ensnared many believers through our lack of soul ruler-ship. Jesus loves us too much to see us crippled and hindered by these things any longer.
It’s time we evicted them for good.
Renewing of the mind is about ruler-ship and of learning to apply the authority of Christ in us. If we allow familiar sprits to sit in our soul gateways unchallenged, we actually host them by believing what they tell us in first person. They can be likened to a trickster or con man that knocks on your front door who we invite into our house and give a cup of tea and a piece of cake to. As we listen we find ourselves handing over the keys to the front door and to the car parked outside. This is what happens to us spiritually by listening to the accuser. I so regret wasting years believing the bombardment of my thoughts, not realising that many of those thoughts were not my own. The shadow of lies and inadequacies that the demonic world had clothed my mind in had become my reality. What a rip-off.
Sometimes the thoughts and suggestions come thick and fast like machine gun fire. We can hardly keep up, our mind is racing and we feel our emotions on a fast track to despair, confusion, anger or whatever other ugly thing that is trying to find expression through our life.
However God made us powerful. We have choice and freewill and can choose to take thoughts captive, (rather than them holding us captive).
He made us powerful. We can press the pause button on chaotic thinking and begin to recognise the triggers that may set us into a spiral. These triggers expose the lie and allow us to bring that thought under the precious blood of our dear mediator Jesus. We might not get it right first time and that is ok. His heart bursts with grace when we present ourselves (and our thought patterns) before Him.
He gently leads us to places of freedom at a pace that we can handle.
One thing that I find fascinating is how patient He is. He is the most patient person I know.
He doesn’t complicate things. 
He is just looking for a willing vessel, one who says “Yes,” one whose heart is courageous enough to change. 
 When He called His disciples, He did not brief them on supernatural ministry or the itinerary of trips to the surrounding areas, temples and tax collectors. He just said “follow me” He says the same to us each day. 
There is a sweet simplicity and substance of faith in our just saying “Yes”
I have been going into the courts in heaven contending to go deeper and dealing with things that would hinder or slow down my race of faith. This might be unfamiliar terminology to you, but as believers this is part of normal heavenly everyday life. Jesus said in Matthew 19, that we would judge the twelve tribes of Israel. We are also going to judge the world. (1Corinth 6:10). As born again spirit beings, we are living out of eternity, so we can learn now; how to judge in righteousness. Judgement must start in our own temple or we would risk judging others through the lenses of our own shortcomings. I decided to offer myself daily as a living sacrifice and to live on His altar. 
For even the intents of our heart should carry the integrity of heaven.
He has so generously given us His righteousness, yet in some areas my thought patterns were not reflecting this truth. I will be vulnerable for a moment and share a quick example.
In the past during times of confrontation, I would default to a place of timidity, losing my voice. So in this area I was held captive, a hostage to my circumstances. The scriptures say that the righteous are as bold as lions, yet that was not my reality in those moments of intimidation. This highlighted my need for change. There was an un-renewed area in my thinking and a painful place in my emotions where I had not allowed the blood of Jesus to cleanse.
So I took these and countless other issues into the court system of heaven and saw them and the accuser judged. It was not a lengthy process, although I did go in more than once for some of the issues. Jesus has dealt with it, but our minds still retain the memory and emotion attached to the memory. So sometimes we may need to go back into the court room and watch the thing being judged, to bring healing to our own memory and to replace the destructive thought with a fantastic one.
He is the just judge. The wonderful protocol of the court system is that just like in an earthly court, when a issue has been judged you can ask for the paperwork. This is legal documentation in the kingdom realms, so that if that issue reoccurs, you can present the paperwork and the accuser is silenced.
There are many healing tools that are available within the Body and it’s good for us as family to feel safe enough to be vulnerable, to recognise our own brokenness and get set free.
I believe it is time to grow in maturity, to take responsibility for our own journeys and step into the authority that Jesus won for us. As times are intensifying I believe it will be all hands on deck and we may be standing with others while we are getting healed ourselves. We all have different strengths and weaknesses which is why it is imperative for us to be aligned and united in love regardless of our opinions or theological stances. The book of Acts believers were “one in heart and mind” (Acts 4:32). Paul wrote to the Corinthians (1Corinth 1:10) imploring them to live in harmony, to be “of one mind, united in thought and purpose”. As we align our hearts in love, we think as He thinks. 
The inner transformation changes our outward reality.
Our lives, families, churches, cities and nations are shaped by our thinking and belief systems. Much of the Body of Christ is consumed in circumstantial meditation where the circumstances are ever enlarging and the cycle of lies we choose to believe are fuelled by unbelief (which is the fruit of consistently negative thought patterns). Through these cycles the enemy has enticed many to feel power-less. As children of God and inheritors of heaven, this is a deception. This being said, how much of the church at this time is in deception?
We are called to a much higher purpose. We are called to relationship and we are called as sons. We are called to lift up our heads oh you gates! To be lifted up. To shake ourselves awake daughter of Zion, to repent and set our thinking in a place that aligns with His thinking.
Sonship releases us to rule from a place of rest, in dimensional authority
Ruling our souls (under His government and Lordship), is the bare foundations of fulfilling our role in eternity.
For a renewed mind is a conduit for His thoughts. It not only synchronises us in truth but also unites us with His heart and with each other.