“A Lamb Called Love”

A Lamb called Love is a funky retelling of creation and the gospel. Loved by 2 – 9 year olds and grown ups too!

Following a vision with the Lamb of God.  The author was filled with wonder at God’s love and grace towards each of us and how that empowers us to participate with heaven. To live beyond limitations, knowing the assurance of God’s love… free from fear in ecstatic joy!

This vision sparked a desire to invite future generations of world changers into the fun adventure of tangible relationship with God established in the security of knowing Love by the power of Holy Spirit

To order your copy use the contact form below and we will contact you for your address and to arrange payment.

Books are $12 each plus $5 p&p via Paypal.

Free postage to UK and Ireland.

A Lamb Called Love


For the tech savvy kids that use iPads and iPhones….there is a cool version featuring author read-along  in Apple iBooks
Also available to buy on Kindle  main-qimg-1b1a88532f1eb709a475bc806d8c5c67
Story by Milly Bennitt
Illustrated by Bishoy Ghendi
Published by Seraph Creative

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