Cabin Academy was founded by Milly Bennitt in 2011 to celebrate and share of Gods infinite love.

To inspire, encourage and equip sons and daughters of God in engaging heaven.

That our unique expressions of His Face as a heavenly community would be lived out in freedom and creativity on the earth.

The Cabin is not defined by geographical boundaries.  (Although regular meetings have been held in the UK and Europe). It is a community born from above and united by Holy Spirit.   A community of the sweet Cloud of God’s Presence.. creatively expressed yet practically unfolded on the earth.


Follow your Dreams

Milly’s Biog

As a young believer Milly  felt the call of God to move to a remote island in South East Asia to love and serve a minority people group which had been catastrophically affected by the tsunami of 2004.  It was here that she learnt the Ways of love and faith in the midst of persecution, spiritual warfare and threats to her life.

Following this she she had a dramatic revelation of God’s grace and gift of righteousness.  It was this encounter with His kindness that Yeshua showed her that He is the door through which we enter and meet with the Father in heaven.  She began to go there on a daily basis, walking with God and enjoying abiding in Him, in His heavenly realms.

Milly began to frequently experience miracles, signs and wonders in her life and in creation around her. It overflowed from her simple walking with the Lord.

She also spent several years in Australia serving on team of a local church.  She saw the compassionate power of God touch and heal many people and loved celebrating the victories of brothers and sisters overcoming bondages and oppression.

Milly has seen people from all kinds of spiritual backgrounds encounter the tangible and pure love of God.

Milly is married to her husband Jordan and is based in the South East of England.  She is a recording artist,  international speaker, author and founder of Cabin Academy.  IMG_9056

She ministers across Australia, New Zealand, United States, South Africa, Europe and SE Asia.    To get in touch or to invite Milly and Jordan, please use the contact form on the Invite page

“Milly carries a pure devotion to God’s Presence.”

“Her sensitivity to Holy Spirit frequently leads people into life changing encounters with the love of God.”

“She shares stories of His glory that inspire, encourage and reveal the reality and accessibility of our Father in heaven.”


Her heart and life is hidden in His. iphone France SeptOct12 013

One Reply to “About”

  1. Dearly Beloved Milly, The Lord has opened the way and I am going to the Glory Revolution Melbourne and then you are coming to our church in Dee Why! I am so excited about the prospect of being amongst other passionate followers. Going deep into the glory and love of the One. I live in Sydney but moved to Australia from the UK many years ago. My forefathers were from Iona and I was privileged to visit the Island again last year. Deep calling to Deep. So after the MBF Festival I will be attending, I am off to Melbourne to Graham Cooke’s conference and then to the Company of Burning Hearts. How good is our God! So looking forward to meeting you. The Lord has been talking to me very much about essential oils, so will be good to share.
    May the Lord continue to draw you in to the very Heart of Jesus, indeed may your heart continue to burn with His love. And your music is beautiful!

    God bless you dear joyful one,

    Shelagh Ryan, Sydney Australia

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