Conduits of Divine Favour

We are destined to be conduits of the Fathers favour to flow freely into the earth.

Divine favour

Living channels from the eternal into the temporal.

We are powerful in that He gave us the choice in directing the flow.

I discovered recently that in 1802 a french man named Albert Mattheu drew up a proposal to create the Channel Tunnel. A means of connecting England and France under the Atlantic.  In the 1800’s this would be a tunnel, dug by oil lamp and a passage by which horse drawn carriages could make their way from one country to the other.  An Enormous vision for his day.  One that has since been fulfilled in the 1990’s but that has developed massively due to the age in which it came into being.

If we were to liken the Channel Tunnel to our lives, connecting England and France to connecting Earth and Heaven.  Depending on where our mindsets and hearts are set to.  We can be stuck in old mindsets, just like a horse and carriage plodding laboriously through the tunnel, or we can live in the reality of a high speed rail link, transporting multitudes of people and goods to and fro.

How will we choose to direct the flow of heaven?

Our choices will determine how His tree of life (the eternal expression of Him through you on the earth) will grow.
Some have mistaken the choice in directing the flow, to being a choice of keeping or releasing. However, this was never an option.

For every expression of heaven is outwardly giving, married with humility in receiving.  

Every expression of heaven carries the potential for multiplication for that is in our Fathers nature.

The humility is in our seeking of His wisdom in how to steward and release what has been given.

Our seeking of Him by desire, enhances relationship and establishes a foundation for future discussions and also an increase in flow.   

The flow of Divine favour, can be applied to Healings, Miracles, Grace, Time, Mysteries and of course Finances the list goes on and on.

It is pride that resists and inhibits His flow into the earth.  But we are new creations, so lets manifest that; rather than be drains of His purposes for we are called to steward and administrate this eternal kingdom.

Life is a journey of mountains and valleys.  Rather like a wheel, the time we spend in either place is irrelevant because there are beautiful lessons that we learn in both places and ultimately it is all part of the journey.  The high places of prospering be that spiritually or physically, and also low places of lack, vulnerability or feeling dry spiritually.

It is with humility that we learn to receive when others reach down to help us during our valley times.  Our lives still as conduits are the connectors of the high and low places, so that there can still be testimonies of God’s faithfulness in both places.  

Testimonies that can propel others from valleys to high places.  There are wheels within wheels.

For example, a prospering person with a dry spiritual walk, might find they are in a valley of hopelessness, and see a less prosperous person with a vibrant spiritual walk as being a mountain dweller.  However what if the perceived mountain dweller was feeling in a valley of their own?  What if they could not feed or clothe their children or were battling with long term sickness?  The valley/mountain analogy is so often a matter of perception.  The answer to both could be in each other.

There is a glory in the flow of His favour in community.

The key is that we can all be channels of His Goodness in the times when we struggle, just as much as when we are prospering.  Wether in lack or plenty, the wheels and cycles of the times are turning.  

Will we open our hearts and lives wider still, to facilitate the Divine Favour to flow into the earth?

We are powerful in that we have a choice, and our level of spiritual maturity will determine what we are trusted with and the choices we make.

may the Sons arise