Time is of the (Divine) essence

How often do we feel like the rabbit on Alice in Wonderland?

Frantically looking at our watch, anxious, worrying needlessly about getting somewhere on time, of being late, of missing an appointment, of running out of time. I confess, Yes to each and every one.

If time has been given to us as a gift, why do we allow it to persecute and hold us captive unnecessarily?

Movies such as “In Time” with Justin Timberlake, Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon show that Hollywood is prophesying again in the place where the church is not.

Firstly allow me to reassure you, that we need not be threatened by time, punished by it or ruled by it. After all Jesus wasn’t. He was hassled by His friends and put under pressure to get places on time and He had no problem with turning up seemingly late. take the story of Jairus daughter or his dear friend Lazarus.
So why did He not mind being late? What was the worst that could happen?

“that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.”

Hallelujah that even lateness can bring glory to the Son of God. Isn’t that the best excuse ever?

Well Jesus was not governed by earthly chronos time, of 24hours a day.

He was living from another time zone and without the jet lag.

He was living from an eternal reality from each God opportune time to the next. He was living in and administrating Kairos time. Drawing the whole of humanity in with Him.

This is not to say that the earthly time that the Father gave us in creation was a mistake. Not at all.  The Father laid out parameters for us to govern time; day and night, months and cycles with the moon and tides of the ocean.  It is all calculated with such perfection and precision.  Creation is in time, but it is also groaning.

What I find interesting is that scientists state that over the years, the speed of light has not been a constant.  It has been accelerating. So what was classed as a year, many many years ago, might not be the case now.

However being In Him and In the Spirit allows us to encompass these boundaries.  To hold them in our hearts.

As His sons, we are born of eternity and the Father is highlighting and urging us into the eternal perspective rather than being limited to earthly time.  The cloud of witnesses are participating in the function of heaven, today as they were thousands of years ago.  A day with Him is as a thousand.

The Father gets our attention in a multitude of ways.

IMG_1870Over the past year, I have had a real dilemma…my time keeping devices, keep breaking.

I don’t like the sound of ticking clocks, but even my non-ticking clocks keep breaking. Anything that tells me the earthly time, especially watches break.

Be it the battery, screen, strap, buckle Within days of it coming into my possession they break. I like watches as a fashion accessory, but I can’t wear them now. It took me a while to realise.  Even the little digital clock on my car dashboard kept breaking.

The last time, I was in Australia, the Lord kept teasing me with the time zones.  I was almost late to a meeting I was sharing at, because my phone had decided to keep the time zone of the previous city I had been in.

But despite the apparent “lack of time” I still made it to the meeting in time. Weird!

Another occasion, I was able to, by faith, turn time back 12minutes.

I was in a taxi on the way to the airport and was running extremely late.

In faith/desperation I turned back time, a total of 12minutes and the on board computerised meter displayed

“Passenger pick up time – 10.52. Current time – 10.40.”

I tried it a few times when I was running late for work….and it worked!  His grace teaches us even in our mistakes.  He honours our faith to engage with heavens reality even if it is because we did not get ourselves ready in time for work.

The Lord has since been baffling me further. Especially during times of transit and in particularly journeys in the car. You see, I will often gain time as I step in and engage Him in the eternal realm while driving, earthly time must bow down.
– because time is a gift.
I have also stolen time (by accident), on a couple of occasions, where I have gained time on a journey to meet friends and they have lost the exact same amount of time. Despite there being no traffic.

Time is to be governed and I believe can also be “bent” according to Papa’s purposes.  Although there is so much that I still don’t understand, but what great opportunities to draw us into Him for the answers!

Recently while driving to Leicester to see friends, Atlee and Hazel, I gained an hour on the journey.  It didn’t seem a very long trip, but I had such a sweet time with the Lord.  I realised that time is a gift!  Even the GPS predicted me arriving an hour later than I had.

The same happened on my return back home. I was giving a lift to a friend and we even took a long detour, yet still gained 40 minutes on the journey. It is a great way to save time, and petrol!  We even drove for approximately 30miles in 4minutes in “earthly time”. But it felt like much longer than just 4 minutes.

When Atlee and Hazel heard about the transportation testimony, they wanted to trade into it. So they gave me a bottle of wine,to sow into the transportation. They were acting in faith. Then on their return journey, they were also transported. Missing a huge chunk of the journey and gaining time. Please note, this was their faith engaging with a testimony and them trading was sowing something that cost them, into something they had seen God do.

Wether it was a bottle of wine, or £2, heaven recognised that faith is the greatest currency.
Time is not something to be threatened by, or to be aggressive towards. When we see losing time, we are seeing according to lack which is rooted in poverty.

When we are viewing circumstances and our lives from the place of eternity from being seated In Christ Jesus, In heavenly places, we are seated in eternity. We see abundance instead of lack.

There is a weight to what we are starting to engage with concerning time.

Redeem time and the times

I have been taken back in time on numerous occasions. In one instance it was to an incident before I knew the Lord, where I was  in an all night rave and the Lord took me back there to participate in the Spirit.

He showed me dreadful things, I had long forgotten about. I did not feel condemned or ashamed because He has shown me that is is removed from His memory, but that the land still carried a memory of it.  I stood in that place, in the spirit and was praying and releasing my destiny.

It amazes me to think that when I was in that place, in a pit of depravity, my spirit man, from the future was there praying and petitioning the Father that my destiny be outworked. Not only that, I was administrating His will for many other people at that place. I also legislated the destruction of that place physically.

The place in present day is no longer there. Every brick was torn down.

Just before I came back, He reminded me that I had seen the sun rise that morning, and felt the purity of the dew and sun light on my face. He reminded me that He had done that to demonstrate His grace and impart hope even though I stunk with the stench of sin. He is so kind and now He is teaching us how to time travel! Awesome Dad.
On a recent trip to Israel, it was an entirely Kairos timed trip. The Lord joyfully showed us that at every opportunity. He opened the door for me to go and subsequently everything He purposed responded to His call in heaven and on earth.

On numerous occasions, He allowed us to expand time to complete His purposes without any kind of a rush. He begun to teach me how to do this too. This proved extremely helpful in areas of significance and some not open to the public that miraculously we had all to ourselves.

Paul said in Ephesians 5:15-16 Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

Paul was not chasing them into busy-ness like we can so often consume ourselves with. The time that Paul refers to is Kairos.

For Paul was calling them into stewarding the heavenly moments and to walk in wisdom.

I will finish up by sharing part of a intense encounter I had.  I believe it is an invitation for us as sons to engage with what the ancients were intrigued by to align ourselves with His desires and not the evil desires conceived in violence.

the Gate of Times

I saw what seemed like a wheel which was also a gate. It was nearly impossible to compare it to anything seen before even this description is through the filters of my little head.

It had intricately advanced inscriptions on it that were way beyond my knowledge. Rather like a child in kindergarten being given the annual accounts for Apple computers, when all it knows at that stage is that A is for Apple.

I looked again as when you do this, revelation often opens up to absorb you into and to explain more of what you are seeing.

I was suddenly aware of the enormity of this wheel but it was more than a wheel. It was Huge and filled my vision. I was terrified. I tried to look away but it was so huge, it was everywhere.

It had layers that were beyond 4 dimensional. I was told that it was a Gate of Times.
As I looked at the inscriptions, asking the Lord for understanding, I could see they were divided into 12. However each was also a throne. Each throne, was so large, it was as if a company of people could take their place there. The weight of responsibility was too great for just one person.

It was for the Body, with the Lord as its head. It was as if my understanding was limiting what I was able to see. The gate was not open, it seemed to require for the 12 thrones, to be functioning in order for it to open.
At the moment it was not fully open due to its connections to chronos time. In a sense because this had not been addressed, it seemed to be the false governing body in rulership of the gate.

However when this entire gate was to be clicked into place it would be opening an entirely new time/age.

This opening was to usher in Kairos time. I could see that some had engaged with the gate, and at different times in history had pressed through. However as a whole entity this could not open fully until all were aligned.

Daniel 7.25 speaks of a king with pompous words against the Most High who will persecute the saints and “shall intend to change times and laws then the saints shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time v26. But the court shall be seated And they shall take away his dominion to consume and destroy it forever”
This pompous king mentioned in Daniel, was (and is) intent on changing the times and laws.

What laws might these be? Natural laws? Laws that God has set in place?  However we interpret the times and laws, there is an invitation here to be a part of the court in heaven, to “take away his dominion to consume and destroy it forever”

Our knowledge of and conscious participation with the courts of heaven has really increased in recent years.
Daniel was very much involved in them, I often see him there.  He has helped me to understand some of the processes there.

There is an invitation to those who are desiring to learn of the secret things of the Lord. We know from Psalms it is for those that fear Him. In Hebrew the word to Fear, is used in conjunction with another word that means to See. So as you See the Lord you are in Awe of Who He truly is and thus hold absolute reverence towards Him.

As we seek the Lord and the mysteries that He has stored up for us. We can be awestruck and aligned with His timings in a place of rest.  For He has placed eternity in our hearts.  

Much of what we have seen from end times theology has provoked feelings of alarm and panic especially at the increasingly apocalyptic events taking place on the news each day.

Time is a gift and as we nurture it and learn to redeem it, we as a Body can learn how to usher creation, history and the future into Kairos…together. There will be signs and wonders to confirm this.



I saw in a vision last year, someone declaring that Big Ben clock in London would stop working and that it would not start again, until they said so.

It made the news, and people could not get it fixed. It would not start again.

God was getting the attention of the nation about His timings.

I believe that this will create an opportunity for a son to speak with the leaders of the nation about the timings of God.

I am not sure who that person will be or when this will be. Or if this was a symbolic vision of what is taking place with the shift from chronos to kairos time.  With that in mind, I wonder if it is a play on words, with Ben meaning “son of my right hand”

Is it time for the sons to stop time as we know it and administrate the kairos time?

As we travel the eternal journey together, embracing and not held captive to Time as time is of the Divine essence.


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  1. Hi Milly & all,

    As a follow-up to my comment “About Time,” there are a couple of “iffy” scenes and comments but on the whole, a very well done movie.


  2. Hi Milly & all,

    have you seen the movie “About Time?” It’s about time travel, really wonderful and well done. Blessings!!


  3. Within an hour of reading you blog, I stumbled accross…
    As I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground beside each creature with its four faces. This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like topaz, and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel. (Ezekiel 1:15, 16 NIV)

  4. Very interesting to me that, the FIRST thing I see on Facebook, after reading this article is a Facebook “game” determining your “super power.” Mine is “TIME TRAVEL!”

  5. I have been amazed at God’s timing.. a few weeks ago my computer would change time on me. and I set it back to PST time..this has been going on for a few weeks…then one Sunday I was stirred by the Spirit to share a word about The Kingdom of God .. I went up to speak and as the pastor handed the mike to me a clock on his pulpit flew off to the floor, I bent down and picked it up, as I did I brought my hand back as if I was going to toss it .. and everyone laughed! well strange “time” things have been going on since…We were preparing a worship afternoon for this Sat (tomorrow) I looked at my event page and the day changed to Sunday so I text the lady who set the date and she said that’s strange mine says Sat. I went back to look at the event page and it had changed back to Sat…so today I just looked at my Facebook and your post On Time is of the (Divine) essence was shared by Justin ..thank you! it is a wonderful confirmation to me about Kairos… I just started to listen to Justin and Ian’s messages and have devoured everyone! things happen to me quit often like this,… keep walking in the Kairos time! 🙂 Blessings! joan

  6. Thankyou for sharing/teaching and showing the way on this subject! Such an exciting TIME to be transitioning into! I have personally experienced time travel, driving late at night (missing going through tunnels on a freeway), have been running late to appointments and to receive visitors and had traffic lights go green when I approach, and visitors be mystified at being delayed! Looking forward to reading/hearing more on this subject and excited to be on the journey!

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