Exposing Glory

gloryMy default is to chat about being a prism of His Presence. I get so excited at the reality of being In Him and Him in us. 

I admit  is somewhat of an anchor point for me.  But also a hidden truth with an invitation to engage, that I don’t think we have fully grasped yet. 

It is an unbelievable honor to refract the awe and glory of what He has placed in us, on the outside of us. Who can fully understand it?

It is a mystery that although weighty to administrate, should come  naturally for those that are born from above.

It is not just about  His expression through you, but the very nature of His Goodness, His creative light, His limitless grace, His life, His riches. His identity.

As we gain revelation of this glory through engaging the Face of the Source; our Father in heaven.  We learn that this is not a glory to be gambled with for selfish gain.  We can’t allow for the outward manifestation to be taken and prostituted by ministry pimps. 

A harsh and shocking description, but it is something that has deeply grieved me. 

In the glory all kinds of things are exposed.  This is what happens as we walk in and bring light. 

In times of signs and wonders and His manifest glory, people’s hearts are instantly exposed. 

Everything is revealed in His manifest glory.  For those that have eyes to see. 

Eyes to see, do not see the manifestations and the signs and wonders, they see the Fathers heart behind it.  Their response is humility and thankfulness. 

Eyes that do not see, are orphan eyes. They have come for what they can get.  They see the manifestation through eyes of lack.  To them there will never be enough to go round.  They see the sign and wish to lay hold of it, but bypass the Source. 

Some, even in atmospheres of awe and wonder, are planning how to generate the same atmosphere next time.  They are writing the hype to bring visitors to their ministry page or conference.  They are polishing the ministry medal of another miracle. We can’t prostitute His Presence like previous ministry models have. 

We have tasted and glimpsed what the future glory would look like, but I believe there is a chasm of humility that is awaiting our exploration before we can reveal the future glory. 

Dear people like Joshua Mills or Heidi Baker are already living in the chasm of humility, the glory they are walking in, oozes with the humility of Jesus.  We can learn so much from them.

The Glory of God is so precious, it is what I live for. It is the substance of Who He is.  He delights in manifesting it with the unknown seekers of His face. 

I first experienced gold dust in a little apartment in Vietnam. I was alone, not in a church, and not even doing anything spiritual.  Yet when I received that the first time, my heart was exposed.  For immediately I felt like I should be “doing” something spiritual, now that God had given me the gold dust. 

The performance mentality that was festering in my heart at the time was exposed, ugly as it was.  But shortly after this, He took me into such a depth of His marvelous grace that I begun to get set free of performance mentality.  Hallelujah! 

His Glory exposes but it also liberates!!! 

He came recently when I was in Adelaide sharing at a conference with a remarkable group of young adults in their twenties.  He came tangibly in a thunder and lightning storm outside as we worshiped, but when He visited us in His wonderful glory – everyone was still before Him. It was truly precious.

This group of people so valued His presence, they did nothing to quench it or try and control it.  Every molecule in the room seemed to resonate with the Fathers delight!  Their hungry hearts and expectation it seemed was cuddling His Presence. Lingering and enjoying the wonder of intimacy with Him.  

The worship leader, the youth pastor, everyone simply abided and welcomed Him.  Welcomed the Habitation rather than seeing the visitation and then moving on with the meeting.  Hallelujah! It was glorious. 

As we expand our hearts, He lingers.  As we abide, He inhabits. 

It is rearranging, to be in a meeting where all are laid out flat on the floor at the weight and holiness that His tangible glory brings.  It is sweet and sometimes terrifying too. 

He longs for pure heart face to Face communion with His beloveds. That is what His glory rests on. 

Learning to be sensitive to His desires in a meeting is a valuable lesson for hosting His glory.  Not just for worship leaders, but for those bringing words or prophecies.  We can all bring and add a flavor of heaven to the atmosphere. But let us be aligned with His desires for the meeting.  Not our own.     

He is abounding in grace and so lavish in His loving thoughts towards us.  As we welcome Him in all ways that He chooses to manifest, we become trusted stewards of His glory. 

Being a host of His presence individually is the starting place, and a place we can never depart from.

But as we are united by love in community, we learn to walk in His ways corporately, hosting the substance of heaven In community.  I long to see this in fullness. I have seen elements of this in worship and prayer and am believing for entire regions of people united and living out of Heaven daily. Bringing that reality and hosting His glory on the earth. 

The practical outworking as this happens, will see our cities and nations turned inside out. 

Our focus will not be self-centred but God-centred. United in mutual adoration of Him by His Spirit, that He can then unite us in mutual adoration of the creation He has entrusted us with.

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea Hab 2:14     

His glory was not meant for one or two chosen believers but for a living Body. 

A transparent community of Christ (annointed) ones that would cover the earth in glory.  One in Spirit.

Gone are the days of the celebrity ministers, that want to have a great name known on Christian TV.  Let us welcome the sons of obscurity, the hidden ones that bear their Fathers image.  Sons from within our own church or city even.  It is easy to embrace people from distant lands that walk in a measure of glory, yet sometimes we are blind to the glorious ones hidden in plain sight within our own communities.  

It takes spiritual fathers to recognize the glory in these obscure ones and call it out in a place of safety.  To love and to believe in them, despite knowing their inadequacies.  

Parents know the most about their children’s short comings and weaknesses.  I know mine certainly did!

So it is our duty as spiritual mums and dads, to encourage their strengths and cheer the sons into overcoming the shortcomings; celebrating in every victory.  Jesus knew each and every weakness of the disciples yet He chose to send them out. He chose to make them powerful, even enough to betray Him. 

Justin Abraham of Company of Burning Hearts in Wales has taught me so much about fathering particularly for this generation.  Justin is dedicated to empowering and releasing the hidden ones about the Fathers business.  (just like Jesus did with the disciples). He even chooses to hide himself in order to promote others and see them step into their calling.  He is secure enough in who he is, to endorse others in their unique gifting’s as they mature. Going low to lift others high, in the safety of a father and with the space to make mistakes.      

As sons, we are known by our Fathers name. Sealed with His identity by the spirit of adoption and set to inherit the wonders and workings of our Fathers kingdom. 

Haggai prophesied “The glory of this latter house will be greater than of the former… and in this place I will give peace says the Lord”

It is going to be greater than what we have known and how my heart aches to see it emerge in fullness

This is a living, moving, breathing house, a house that breathes the light of His glory in the fullness of His peace.

Resuscitating the nations into the knowledge of His Glory. 

Trusted, faithful, temporarily hidden yet revealed in heaven. We are the New Jerusalem. Exposing Glory. 

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  1. Thank you Millie for sharing your vision. It is a very needed heart beat within the current culture of celebrity. You have inspired and strengthened – Thank you.

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