A key called simplicity

A key called simplicity
I find myself ever baffled by the mystery of His provision.

Take Salvation for example.  It is impossible to achieve, and yet received so easily through the simplicity of our agreement.  A mystery! 
His marvellous Kingdom operates through mystery and simplicity.
Some of the greatest miracles I have seen, have appeared to have been remarkably easy, yet practically impossible to achieve through natural means.  I have seen remarkable healings, through little more than trusting that heaven was with me and that they were believing just as I was; for the provision of God’s Names to be revealed in that situation.  A physical manifestation of the unseen reality of His kingdom. 
As mentioned on previous posts, I have seen money miraculously appear and be multiplied right in front of me.  Not even because I asked; but because I was living by faith trusting in the abundance of what I’d seen Him provide for in my future
I was seeking His kingdom and righteousness before my own needs. (Mat 6:33) In the natural at that time my financial reality had resembled a wilderness. I entered that season voluntarily, but He demonstrated His faithfulness because of my simple trusting Him and believing in Him to accomplish His will.  I wouldn’t choose to live that way long term but it made that word become flesh in me and revealed through simple process where my securities were anchored. 
On other occasions, He changed dirty dollar coins in my purse into gloriously shiny ones.  I couldn’t wait to give them away.  Then at a cash register, He changed a red Australian $20 note for a yellow $50 note in my hand. Not because I even needed it at the time but because He is able and He genuinely likes to be involved in all aspects of our lives.  Welcome His involvement! 
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and of kings to search it out.  We are born into royalty as kings, inheritors of a Kingdom.  
As heirs, we learn the intricacies of relationship which equips us best for ruler-ship
 Through union with Him we can begin to experientially know His unsearchable heart and marvellous ways.  
Even the pathways of the multi-layered heavenly realms are readily accessible through the invisible currency of faith, hope and love.  Of righteousness, peace and joy.  A priceless currency yet extravagantly available to those found In Him. 
Brother Laurence once said that “Simplicity is the key to divine assistance” 
The endless wonder of journeying with Papa, is not complicated.  It can never depart from the power of simplicity.  Of our childlike surrendered agreement with His perfect will regardless of cost. 
For freely we received (everything) from Him, while we were dead in our sins.  Yet now in Him, we live.  Our grateful expression is that freely we give -everything!
For now we are eternal and where we are, He is too.  We can bring life and hope in fact HIM just by showing up as ambassadors of His grace.
It’s not complicated and it’s not even confined to the flesh. We can show up in the spirit too.
Those who are joined to the Lord are one spirit with Him.  (1 Corinthians 6:17). We can administrate the mysteries of His kingdom without being physically present.  Just as Paul did in order to bring judgement in 1 Corinthians 5:4. 
We can love people groups and call in justice, release grace and hope to people out of our physical reach, yet who we still carry in our hearts and brood over and cover with our spirits. 
Religious minds perceive the kingdom realms to be like, an alarmed building with a series of  pin codes to disarm alarms  before entering.  When it is actually quite a simple procedure, so simple a child can do it.
We insert the key of simplicity and step in by faith.
To join the celebration in heaven as we to unlock His mystery’s to a searching world.  


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