Hatching the mysteries of heaven

Hatching the mysteries of heaven
The heavenly realms are the ultimate; interactive learning experience.
It is where we are taught the oracles of God and the protocols of His Kingdom.
We present ourselves by faith in humility and hunger and the journey begins.
Spirit to spirit we receive downloads of infused knowledge.
Revelation draws back the curtains to a view that our spirits have already seen.
Restoring and re-calibrating, that we resonate with His divine frequencies. On returning to earth, a grace is required to articulate the indescribable mysteries that have been witnessed.
Trying to confine and describe an eternal reality to a measured dimension of time.
I was getting frustrated with being unable to suitably express the magnitude of what He had been showing me. My clumsy words seemed to limit and taint His holiness and majesty. So I asked Papa about it and He really helped me. Sometimes He teaches us in this way, to transform us inwardly first. He overwhelms us to such a degree that we are incapable of putting language to much of it initially. His truth then has time to brew out from our spirit into our souls.
Trying to feed our spirits from the outside, in is carnality. This choice caused Adam and Eve to fall. Rather Holy Spirit teaches us to feast on the tree of life. So that who He is on the inside of us, in our spirits, can be outworked through our soul. This is eventually displayed through our bodies into the physical realm. This means that we can live out the revelation.
We can carry the frequency of His light; be that through a life-changing encounter or mystery, so that we can be vessels of the heavenly.
We were not meant to contain Him. But we can be living flows of His Spirit on the earth depositing here what we are engaging in there.
We can allow the inner workings of His power to diffuse through us; discovering who He is making us to be. The more we engage and allow His perfecting work in us; we can better express the nature of His ways and majesty of His names.
In the past we have been impressed and dazzled by peoples’ encounters and the prophetic. We have been entertained and even fed off them rather than the Source. We have exalted the person because of it and not Papa. This grieves my heart, not only because of the celebrity idolatry but also because it was a rarity and uncommon for people to be living in heaven on the earth. Many of the saints and mystics had incredible encounters but they were careful in how and what they shared. Shying away from affirmation, and deflecting any attention to God. Many of their writings were only really shared to those close to them or after they had died.
I believe it is good to share our experiences; as they can be encouraging and inspire people to press in to places they did not realise were accessible. Timing of the delivery and obedience are key. We should share as He leads and not according to what we think we should share.
There is a maturing in waiting on Him to reveal the meat of the message behind the encounter, and in the persistence in finding out the different layers to revelation.
Most encounters are a tiny door into the chasms of truth He is longing to show you.
As you venture further in, you may sense a particular theme for example government, worship, nations and strategies. It could be something unique that He is entrusting you with to release to His precious ones. Papa’s ways are not confined to the church or the Body of Christ. It is quite possible that He will show you mysteries in the Kingdom realms like he did Daniel, Ezekiel or Jonah that are intended to bring change. These may come as anointed words to leaders of nations, or it could be an invitation to stand in the gap and ask God to change His mind about a matter. Abraham asked God to spare Lot and his household that were living in Sodom.
As we engage heaven and go about our daily lives, perhaps, while at work, you may overflow the tangible presence of the fear of the Lord into a global corporation. What would that look like?
You may be taken in the spirit and see the joy and liberty of heaven saturate a high security prison. What would that look like? These are small things in comparison to the greater possibilities of walking with Him.
We host the atmosphere of the places we have been engaging simply by stepping into a room. 
The first time I recognised this was a few years ago when Joshua Mills came to my church in Sydney. I felt him arrive outside because of the atmosphere he was walking in. A few minutes later he and his angelic ministers walked in.
The inward churning of revelation incubates in us, allowing wisdom and understanding to weave it into our paradigm of thinking. My sister would often have batches of eggs to hatch on her farm. The process is not over night and sometimes not all would hatch. They must be turned frequently under the infra-red heat. If the temperature is altered even slightly it affects the life of the chick inside the egg. 
Incubating revelation is a key for the mysteries of heaven that we are being entrusted with.
The initial inability to speak after encountering Him in the kingdom realms is not a bad thing. It preserves the sacred until the right timing to release.
The living breath of God carries a weight. Likewise when we speak the  utterances of His heart, they carry the same weight. 
The weight of this glory is not measured in earthly units, but in choices. Choices, such as the price paid by Mary to sit at His feet in the just to be known by Him. To be trusted with the things that carry importance in His heart.
The weight of this glory is priceless. To be trusted in beholding, becoming and administrating the mysteries of heaven, are some of the greatest privileges known to creation.   

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  1. the wisdom of the ANT,the blood covenANT, that is the giANT that is being awakened through revelation in the Bride. When all we "see is man" we simply worship man. Where there is no "vision" the people perish.enjoyed your article!face 2 face…….zach

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