Beautiful mind – out of ours into His

Beautiful mind – out of ours and into His
Renewing of the mind is the desire driven meditation on the person of God.
However sometimes our thought-life can be hijacked by circumstantial meditation. Also known as “worry”. 
Worry is idolatry because we hold that in higher regard than His Lordship
 Unfortunately worrying or any other form of destructive thought process becomes a bad habit. This is what has ensnared many believers through our lack of soul ruler-ship. Jesus loves us too much to see us crippled and hindered by these things any longer.
It’s time we evicted them for good.
Renewing of the mind is about ruler-ship and of learning to apply the authority of Christ in us. If we allow familiar sprits to sit in our soul gateways unchallenged, we actually host them by believing what they tell us in first person. They can be likened to a trickster or con man that knocks on your front door who we invite into our house and give a cup of tea and a piece of cake to. As we listen we find ourselves handing over the keys to the front door and to the car parked outside. This is what happens to us spiritually by listening to the accuser. I so regret wasting years believing the bombardment of my thoughts, not realising that many of those thoughts were not my own. The shadow of lies and inadequacies that the demonic world had clothed my mind in had become my reality. What a rip-off.
Sometimes the thoughts and suggestions come thick and fast like machine gun fire. We can hardly keep up, our mind is racing and we feel our emotions on a fast track to despair, confusion, anger or whatever other ugly thing that is trying to find expression through our life.
However God made us powerful. We have choice and freewill and can choose to take thoughts captive, (rather than them holding us captive).
He made us powerful. We can press the pause button on chaotic thinking and begin to recognise the triggers that may set us into a spiral. These triggers expose the lie and allow us to bring that thought under the precious blood of our dear mediator Jesus. We might not get it right first time and that is ok. His heart bursts with grace when we present ourselves (and our thought patterns) before Him.
He gently leads us to places of freedom at a pace that we can handle.
One thing that I find fascinating is how patient He is. He is the most patient person I know.
He doesn’t complicate things. 
He is just looking for a willing vessel, one who says “Yes,” one whose heart is courageous enough to change. 
 When He called His disciples, He did not brief them on supernatural ministry or the itinerary of trips to the surrounding areas, temples and tax collectors. He just said “follow me” He says the same to us each day. 
There is a sweet simplicity and substance of faith in our just saying “Yes”
I have been going into the courts in heaven contending to go deeper and dealing with things that would hinder or slow down my race of faith. This might be unfamiliar terminology to you, but as believers this is part of normal heavenly everyday life. Jesus said in Matthew 19, that we would judge the twelve tribes of Israel. We are also going to judge the world. (1Corinth 6:10). As born again spirit beings, we are living out of eternity, so we can learn now; how to judge in righteousness. Judgement must start in our own temple or we would risk judging others through the lenses of our own shortcomings. I decided to offer myself daily as a living sacrifice and to live on His altar. 
For even the intents of our heart should carry the integrity of heaven.
He has so generously given us His righteousness, yet in some areas my thought patterns were not reflecting this truth. I will be vulnerable for a moment and share a quick example.
In the past during times of confrontation, I would default to a place of timidity, losing my voice. So in this area I was held captive, a hostage to my circumstances. The scriptures say that the righteous are as bold as lions, yet that was not my reality in those moments of intimidation. This highlighted my need for change. There was an un-renewed area in my thinking and a painful place in my emotions where I had not allowed the blood of Jesus to cleanse.
So I took these and countless other issues into the court system of heaven and saw them and the accuser judged. It was not a lengthy process, although I did go in more than once for some of the issues. Jesus has dealt with it, but our minds still retain the memory and emotion attached to the memory. So sometimes we may need to go back into the court room and watch the thing being judged, to bring healing to our own memory and to replace the destructive thought with a fantastic one.
He is the just judge. The wonderful protocol of the court system is that just like in an earthly court, when a issue has been judged you can ask for the paperwork. This is legal documentation in the kingdom realms, so that if that issue reoccurs, you can present the paperwork and the accuser is silenced.
There are many healing tools that are available within the Body and it’s good for us as family to feel safe enough to be vulnerable, to recognise our own brokenness and get set free.
I believe it is time to grow in maturity, to take responsibility for our own journeys and step into the authority that Jesus won for us. As times are intensifying I believe it will be all hands on deck and we may be standing with others while we are getting healed ourselves. We all have different strengths and weaknesses which is why it is imperative for us to be aligned and united in love regardless of our opinions or theological stances. The book of Acts believers were “one in heart and mind” (Acts 4:32). Paul wrote to the Corinthians (1Corinth 1:10) imploring them to live in harmony, to be “of one mind, united in thought and purpose”. As we align our hearts in love, we think as He thinks. 
The inner transformation changes our outward reality.
Our lives, families, churches, cities and nations are shaped by our thinking and belief systems. Much of the Body of Christ is consumed in circumstantial meditation where the circumstances are ever enlarging and the cycle of lies we choose to believe are fuelled by unbelief (which is the fruit of consistently negative thought patterns). Through these cycles the enemy has enticed many to feel power-less. As children of God and inheritors of heaven, this is a deception. This being said, how much of the church at this time is in deception?
We are called to a much higher purpose. We are called to relationship and we are called as sons. We are called to lift up our heads oh you gates! To be lifted up. To shake ourselves awake daughter of Zion, to repent and set our thinking in a place that aligns with His thinking.
Sonship releases us to rule from a place of rest, in dimensional authority
Ruling our souls (under His government and Lordship), is the bare foundations of fulfilling our role in eternity.
For a renewed mind is a conduit for His thoughts. It not only synchronises us in truth but also unites us with His heart and with each other. 

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  1. One more thing, you say:"I hope that this provides tools and inspiration that you would go further, higher and deeper Into knowing Him, His delight in you and His perfect ways."It does, it truly does! Don't hope it, CONTINUE TO DECLARE IT! HIS DELIGHT IN US IN WHOM HE IS WELL PLEASED!SO SO BLESSED ARE WE WHEN WE START BELIEVING IT AND ACTING LIKE IT!HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, meaning: WOW! AWESOME! GLORIOUS! FANTASTIC! EXTATIC! HEAVY! UNFATHOMABLE! ALL ENCOMPASSING LOVE! HALLELUJAH! That's holiness for me, LOL!

  2. Milly, Hi my name is ClaudeI have been intensely feeding on your, Emma Joy's, the Nagy's, Justin's, Ian Clayton's sharing of REVELATION these past months, mostly through the "WOW" podcasts and it is renewing my mind and ways into His Mind and Ways. I know it's His doing but I really want to thank you for passing it on to us and keeping pouring it out.Two and a half years ago after ten years of continual pounding on my soul and breakings, I came to a point where I just asked Jesus to fully take over my life and do whatever He wanted with me… something He took VERY seriously. He first led me to milder teachings from people such as Joyce Meyer, Curry Blake, Andrew Wommack (I bless this guy) toward more mystic and intimate union with the Father. You say: He gently leads us to places of freedom at a pace that we can handle. – Yes, exactly though where there was constant discouragement, selfish selfcenteredness, worries, fears and selfhate, there was born the deepest unfathomable inner JOY that is now like a constant flow 24/7.It is just so amazing this growing hunger to just live the realities of the Kingdom, REALITIES which are simply ALL ENCOMPASSING of the lesser realities.The sharing of the EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE of these is just so, so, so precious to us seekers of REVELATION, SO TX AGAIN.I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT!Claude

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