the altar awaits

the altar awaits
I love life in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit yet the longer I walk with them, the more I realize that I don’t know Him at all!
He continually astonishes and is completely secure in His radical-ness. He finds it highly amusing to demolish my prefabricated belief systems in just a few words.  He is personable, fascinating and beautiful.  A glimpse of Him leaves me speechless.
To gaze at Him is to die, for you can no longer live for anything else.
To know Him, is what I live for.
When I started this journey with Him, I don’t think I really understood the gospel.  But I was broken by His love and I could not resist it.  It was His love that has brought transformation and my love for Him in response to His love is what transitioned me to a place of covenant.  The smoke of my life ascends from the altar of sacrifice.
Camp on the altar of first love.
It is safe there.
I find that if the blowtorch of heaven is not evidently incinerating my heart, then I have strayed from the altar for whatever reason be it distraction/disappointment or disobedience and this means the sacrifice is not acceptable.  In His mercy and grace, we are empowered by choice to return quickly to the altar and offer up everything, even that which is hidden – such as attitudes, thoughts and intents of the heart.  Anything that carries a fallen record did not originate in Him they are like muddy foot-prints on our DNA.
However, the purging blowtorch of His Presence consumes a willing sacrifice.
As you are inhaled into Him, you live in His breath!
Walking in Him. Alive, in Heaven, on the earth.
I would love to be able to share a shiny gospel tract message with you but I cannot.
For a journey with Him is raw and powerful. It grips you with passion and will mess up your agenda’s, turning you inside out.
You will burn with a hunger to be burnt up just to reveal the fullness of His glory through you.
You will ache with a longing to go lower. Just to provide a wider surface area for His government to rest on.
You will yearn to be stretched out of your control and comfort,. To provide a greater ingress for His kingdom to pass through. To see His righteousness break forth like the noonday sun.
The depth of your surrender will determine your metron of ruler-ship in heaven.
Pounded vessels glow in the fire. Pure and with the tested integrity to be trusted with the wealth of heaven.
You will gladly embrace the pain of rejection and loss, to abide and be honored in heaven.  Free from man’s opinions and expectations. Deaf to flattery and deception; focussed on the prize that is In Him and Him alone.
The altar awaits – he who dares, burns

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  1. Your writing has stirred me more than any other in forever..I found myself drawn, pulled, overcome, breathless in the Presence of The Lover. He is quite irresistable to the Bride, as you know. He gave me a gold bar. My first..for trading it finally came to me..wish he had a catalog to browse through. ha…………so glad to have met you dear's all such a fascinating path, isn't it?..too bad so many don't see like we do, yet..thanks for keeping the heart flame so bright and sharing it!

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