Veils of embrace

Have you ever stood behind a waterfall?  When you step under it, you cannot help but get saturated.  So it is, as we step through the veils into engaging His presence and the reality of His kingdom. We become soaked in the tangible residue of His presence.  The time we invest in and choices we make; to live in and through this sweet flow of His Grace reflect in our lives. We are transformed.  We look different, we sound different, we act different and we carry a different atmosphere.  We begin to take on the image and likeness of the One who we are engagin. The One whom we are one with.   
So, what are these veils?  There are many that mark the pathways through the heavenlies. Take the veil of Jesus body, this was the curtain torn for our entry to the holy habitation of existing in Him and Him in us.  The curtain stands torn, yet we stand gawping at it, and not accepting the invitation to “come up here”
The veils are also our measure of understanding, they can be our belief systems, they can be other people that have gone before us;- their belief systems and testimonies of His works and nature.  They leave a trail, a passage and the key to entering in is to pass through.  At times these veils are in the form of trials or persecution. Rejoice! and by faith, welcome these as doors to promotion. 
If we become fixated on  the veils into the kingdom realms . Sadly we can miss out on the glorious residue that is deposited as we pass Through them. Likewise, if we make the veils the object of our focus then we are limited to the side of the veil that we are standing. The invitation is to “come up here” in and through that we may dine with Him. Feasting in unhindered relationship with Him, learning about Who He is and how He operates.  How deep you go depends on your desire in and through these membranes of maturity.   

A rich man (one that is satisfied in the carnality of the flesh, will not be able to enter the kingdom realm.  It is as the Lord described, like a camel trying to squeeze through the eye of a needle.  We cannot enter with baggage, burdens or even ministry badges. 
We can only enter with brokenness, faith and desire. 
As kingdom pilgrims we journey both the ancient paths of the known and the mystic paths of the unknown. The new and living way. We become marked. Our spirits become adorned with the evidence of entering in.  Be that the blood of the lamb, the crowns of overcoming, the garments of grace, or signet ring of son ship or sceptre of mandated authority.  
So, the deeper we journey, the more saturated we become.  The greater we can trade of ourselves to Him in return for the glorious weight of His overshadowing Presence to sit over our lives. 
As we pass in and out and in and through these veils, the substance of what we carry from this place, can be distributed and diffused throughout the earth.  Through our families, our places of work, cities, nations!
The veils are there not just to separate, but to give us opportunity to press through. They are for our benefit in the tenacious pursuit of the person of God and His kingdom realms.  We journey into as much as we can bear. Navigating the pathways of discovery as we mature. Learning responsibility and governing of His House. All that we may share in the glorious inheritance that He has so extravagantly given us.  
Think of a wedding ceremony for a moment.  The bride wears a veil, which the bridegroom is able to lift back in order to see clearly the radiant beauty of his beloveds face. 

To gaze into her eyes as they covenant a future together.  How great is our Bridegroom’s delight as His corporate Bride is to be revealed in His presenceface to face.  Unveiled faces adorned with Majesty. 

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