Diamonds in paper bags

Diamonds in paper bags
Priceless treasures
Are found in humble packages
As He hides in people we least expect
His preconceived kindness
Gives us the opportunity to welcome Him
To love our neighbour is to wash His feet
Have a giggle and a bite to eat
That extra minute to find spare change
Or just to smile at Him on the train
Some days He hides in a smelly overcoat
You could move away or say hello
At times He even wears a suit,
Carries a briefcase and a worried frown.
You could push in front, or let Him sit down
Hey! That lady; who got the parking space
Do you see Him? .. in her face?
Those teenagers on the streets, so late at night
Do you see Him, in their swagger? Would you be their light?
Its easy to overlook these priceless treasures
as they are hidden in a humble package
Like a diamond in a paper bag.
Gold found in dust
The experiential mystery
God with (in) us