Promise & Proposal


It began with a love story and was spoken of in times past. It was promised through a blood covenant with an Iraqi who was a friend of God. As he slept God Himself walked amongst the pieces of broken flesh. It was sealed with the most precious Blood covenant of the Lamb. His body pierced for us. The glory of Union. We also gained Life and promise through His Blood.
With this Divine union, came a flood of His Favor. His glory displayed through our lives.
Zechariah 2:10-12 calls for the daughter of Zion to rejoice and be glad for a future time “when the Lord will dwell with His people… When nations will be joined to the Lord.”
Joined to this Holy God whose Name the Jewish people daren’t write down or speak in its entirety. A terrifying and unapproachable God suggesting His people be joined to Him is just unfathomable. The Israelites were terrified by His proposal. However Davids heart was fixated on God. He dared to push the boundaries and to believe for the future time of union. This became his reality and his faith brought thousands of other worshippers into it through his tabernacle of high praise. He became an earthly shadow of the heavenly substance.
When God proposed, it was in the tradional Jewish way, asking that Zion would be His most treasured possession. Covering and purifying her in redemptive grace. To empower her to co rule with Him. Shattering the paradigm of understanding Who He is. He is truly remarkable! Great are His ways.

Now we His Bride are stirring from a deep slumber. Slowly awakening blurry eyed from the religious tranquiliser that has dulled hearts and blinded vision for so long.

The Bride is waking ravenous for her Beloved with a hunger that can not be satisfied in 2 dimensional religious programs and reheated preaches. 
She will seek Him until she finds Him. Just as in Song of Solomon 3:2-4. She will not stop until she has found Him. Even if that means venturing outside of the familiarity of the city streets and squares, outside of her comfort zone. Her “safe” carnal reality. When she finds Him (v4) she holds Him and will never let Him go. This is a response to the love that our Bridegroom was consumed with as He hung on the cross. This is the love that is our portion for eternity. It hardly sinks in the first time..This IS the love that is our portion for eternity. As we venture His realms, the overcomer’s honeymoon crowned with His love.


I love you dear friends.