A Kingdom of Honour

Honour until fairly recently has been alien to many church cultures where control has been prevalent and where flattery has been presented as honour. But we are learning the ways of the Royal house and the good way of honour is being filtered and established slowly through generations. It is becoming more talked about and people are becoming more intentional in giving honour. 
However something that I began to struggle with was, how do you receive it? When someone honours you rather than laugh awkwardly or shrug it off with embarrassment or false humility.  How oh how do you receive honour? What does it look like and what is happening in the Spirit .  What do you do? that is not a flippant “Thankyou very much, high Five to PaPa G!”
Well I am still journeying this out and am discovering yet more layers to this subject of honor.
A poverty mindset has put our thinking in a vice and has in a sense shut down our ability to really See the glory and light that He has placed in us. So often we are either blind to His greatness or the other end of the extreme arrogantly taking His glory for ourselves. We reflect His glory as in a mirror. So, when people honor you that is what is dazzling them! 
When you honour a person you are recognising acknowledging and adding weight to the glory of God that they carry which opens up a place in the spirit for you to come under what they carry.
Now another rather exciting layer unfolds. 
When you honour a person you are giving them opportunity to step into the realm of heaven, go onto the sea of glass and trade it back to the Author and Perfecter of our faith. With the honour, you have just given them gold in the spirit to invest back into the multidimensional treasuries of heaven. 
It all belongs to Him of course. But He openly invites our participation because He so loves to multiply. We are kings and priests learning His ways. Just as in the parable of the sower. Rather than burying honour in worthless earthly flattery, instead sow with honour into the glorious calling of each others destinies. We all share in the glorious inheritance. So as they trade, we are also reaping in the increased weight of glory that you walk in out of heaven on the earth. Someone else recognises that in you, honours it..and you can run along back to the sea of glass to joyfully give it back to the Most Honourable One.  So the cycle continues.  
Jesus understood this I’m sure when He prayed for us and the disciples prior to His crucifiction. Where He said 
“And I have given them the glory that You have given me, so that they shall be one, just as you and me are one, so that the world shall believe that you sent me”. (John 17:22) 
Jesus understood that this humble exchange of glory would bring unity and public testimony to His purpose.  Likewise honour between believers and unbelievers breeds unity, which creates a space for His glory to inhabit.  
How quickly our spiritual landscape can shift if we partner in agreement with heavens sweet protocol of honour in a culture that knows no lack but celebrates the overflow. Going lower to lift others higher into their destiny.  Coming to the end of ourselves and the Fullness of Him all in honour of our Darling, the King of Kings! 

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