Living Worship and the Interactive Heaven

Have you ever watched a flock of birds in flight, soaring in various formations and forming mysterious patterns?

I looked up recently and saw this, but at the time, my eyes were also opened in the Spirit, to see a translucent angelic being in the midst of them dancing.

As the being leapt, crouched and spun in the most exquisite movements, so did the flock of birds which clothed it.

As it danced and spun, the birds flew into the appropriate formations. It was an incredible sight. Both entirely complimenting each other. A living garment. The beauty of creation adorning the eternal so clearly visible in this realm.

I was awestruck and felt so privileged to have seen it. The Lord began to share with me that just like the birds; when we as Believers come together and ascend in the Spirit; in worship and in unity. 

That He exists there in the midst of us. 

Fluidly dancing, spinning, inhabiting and shaping our worship.
An artistic display to the spirit realm and hosts of heaven.

Some have seen the Glory cloud of His presence physically manifest in meetings. He can not resist the sacrifice of high praise and the sweet unity of worship in Spirit and in Truth and is searching for worshippers such as this.

Heaven is creative and interactive. Creation is often more aware of it than we are!

Heaven is so close and the gates are always open, they are never shut. (Rev 21.25, Is 60.11) 

He is so generous, He is our Papa and He longs to reveal it to those that ask, those that seek and those that simply look.

His eyes are searching… to meet with yours.    

3 Replies to “Living Worship and the Interactive Heaven”

  1. yes!!the whole creation worship him!!!one time a group we worship out in the streets,suddenly the birds where dancing in the air,the wind was whirling ,rushing,rushing with the leaves enjoying the ride,and then even people became affected,a beggar become affected by the spirit and begin to dance in the street around the cars!!it was amazing and so glorious!!!

  2. Ah that's great! I didn't post the video, it sounds really cool though. Will look out for it. Thanks for the encouragement Andrew.

  3. milly everytime I read your blog I get a little excitement bubbling forth. Thanks for the encouraging word .. i saw an amazing video clip of birds flying in all sorts of formation by a crew of 2 girls in a canoe (were u the one who posted it? ) but what you said brought that too memory. It was an incredible sight and looked like 'they' may have been angelic dancing in the air. Need to look it up again mils .. appreciate all ur blog posts 😉

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