I was in the Spirit on Christmas day and witnessed theswirling fusion of two realms.
The light and glory of heaven penetrating the fallen state of earth. Revelation birthed into darkened understanding. Eternity literally birthed into time and space, not to be limited by it, but to supercede it.
The initial terror of the shepherds as their eyes were opened to the fusion of these realms was replaced with such joy as the birth of the Good Shepherd was announced by multitudes of angels even as the stars in the sky bursting into song!! How ecstatic they were to announce and to witness this Great event. How ecstatic they are to witness our new birth into revelation of our redemption.
As we camp out on the high places of encounter, as we keep watch and guard our revelation of the Lamb we are entrusted with the most important message of All time! A message of Joy, of Good News, for All people!
In the town of Bethlehem. The name a Hebrew fusion of Bethel and Bayit meaning Home or temple of God and Lehem meaning bread and to eat. In this town the Bread of Life was born that as we feast on Him, He would dwell with man. Inhabiting our lives.
In this place, the veil of limitation was torn through the flesh of a virgin. Glory revealed from hidden-ness. Light entering the darkness to violently displace it. The labour cries of Mary releasing sound waves of victory and also terror to the ears of the ruler of this world. Divinity was proclaimed in the place of unfathomable humility. Naked in a dirty stable. Emmanuel – God is Here!!
Likewise, creation has been groaning in labour pains. In recent years they seem to be increasing both in intensity and frequency. But how glorious is the coming new birth of a generation of kings.
Satan may have mocked the vulnerability of God born as a human baby. Just as he mocks the dismay on many believers hearts as the earth appears in disarray. Yet the pain is preceding a spectacular revealing of Glory.
The foolishness of that baby King birthed, all covered in blood and the foolishness of a Nazarene blood caked and nailed to a cross. This is the Wisdom of God. For He saw that through humility and vulnerability, through the greatest demonstration of Love comes the greatest power. Through this would be birthed an eternal line of Kings. From the Royal Seed, His Names would be displayed for all generations, an eternal inheritance In Him.
Just as the Magi “looked up” and followed the star to the birthplace of the King of kings. We look up lifting the eyes of our hearts to behold His shining and bring to Him, our gifts:
  • Gold, a superconductor of light, so we bring our lives, refined in the fire, revealing His glory to our beloved King, conducting His light into this world
  • Frankincense, in this we bring our incense of worship, our lives fragrant devoted to Him and Him alone. Immense healing properties our lives in Him, bringing healing to the nations.
  • Myrrh, we offer ourselves in death to our old lives, joining with His death for the sweet and intoxication of new life in Him.
The swirling fusion of two realms is at hand. His kingdom is at hand. He is as close as the very air that you breathe. The birth of Jesus and the parallel birth of Him in you of union by His blood with the Lamb of God. The fusion of earth and heaven as we join with heaven and the angels and celebrate EMMANUEL – God is Here!!!!!!!  

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