The Elastic Army

A peculiar people Stretched OUT of their own limitations to dwell out of eternity 
Those who have offered up their hearts , minds, desires and even past hurts.  The rigidity; of callous and brittle independence all been offered up to Him in extreme yet mostly hidden acts of humility. 
Through trials and continual surrender, they have laid out their lives as tabernacles for Him to dwell in and as tents for Him to expand. 

A generation demonstrating spiritual elasticity. 
As rubber bands in His hand. They are catapulted into His promises.
Flexible and voluntarily unable to hinder or quench the beauty of His Glory. 

The elastic warriors can be flung in any direction.  The more they are stretched,
the farther they reach, so fast and unnoticed that the enemy doesn’t even see
them coming.  When entwined with one another, they form a mass of bouncing rubber. Each bearing a unique display of Him. 

Living tools in the playful hands of our Master Craftsman.