Fear of the Lord

I was terrified by a glimpse of the spirit of the Fear of the Lord. It overshadowed me with the looming enormity of eternity. An encounter that provoked a response. I had longed to go further and deeper and now I was completely incapacitated. A life/death decision had to be made.
Two choices were quite evident in those moments of terror and holy awe.
The first being pride which attempts to self justify, feebly creating a false covering in self defence, thus immediately incurring judgement.
The second being humility, which weeps in recognition of broken soul and the fragility of human flesh,
Trembling for my life, exposed and so aware of every inadequacy and shortcoming in the presence of such holiness, I wept at the proportions of His grace and the intensity of His mercy.  PaPa!  
To this earnest openness, the Father’s response was also swift; in swallowing up entirely in His huge Fathers heart. Surrounding, protecting and covering. For He honors honesty and can not resist humility.

With each encounter into greater depths of His Divine nature, comes an increasing awareness of His wholeness, purity and Love. That relentless, redeeming love. A scarey love. A love that would lay down its life for you. A love that invites you to do the same. The reward ?
..to walk in His eternal weight of glory.