The Eternal Seal of Sonship

In a vision, I saw Jesus dancing and spinning. There was such joy in His eyes and a rainbow robe gliding from His shoulders; overshadowing with colour, the cities and landscape across the Globe.  As I looked closer, I saw that the robe was actually comprised of Believers. 
Just as Joseph in the Old Testament was given a coat of many colours as a sign of great favour from his father.  Jesus, the son of God displays His Fathers favour.  He has no need to be ashamed because He already dealt with shame, sin, sickness and torment at the cross.  By His own blood He purchased men for God.  We are His trophys! (2Cor 2:14 Amp)  The rainbow speaks of His promises, of His goodness, the 7 colours representing us operating in the fullness in Christ.
Jesus was the exact representation of the Father (Col 1:15, Heb1:3).  Likewise our re-born spirits in Christ are the exact representation of our Father in Heaven.  We carry His perfect DNA, because the Seed of the Father which was Jesus (the Word) lives in us and us in Him.   While Jesus walked the earth He displayed the Names of God, He was revealing His Father to all he met.  Jehovah Rapha,The God who Heals, Jehovah Shalom, The Lord your peace, Jehovah Jireh, The Lord your Provider and so forth.  This was not the crackers and cheese however. This was just the entrée. 
Jesus carried and demonstrated His Fathers names and nature in fullness.  He sent out the 12 and the 72 in His authority to do the same.  He called it “the Kingdom”. Because of His death and resurrection, all people have the opportunity to be born into this divine family replicating the Fathers Glory.  What a remarkable invitation from an outrageously loving Father!  To carry His Name, and to express His nature, to love as He loved and to speak as He speaks. The fact that He would entrust this to us His children, fills me with a humbling awe.  We can only fathom this through the lenses of His Grace and His Gift of Righteousness. 
Those who are born of God are one Spirit with Him.   We are joined by His Spirit, the Spirit of Adoption to the Father and to each other.  Sons in the Fathers House. We are woven into His robes of Righteousness.  Righteousness is the legal authority to operate in this earth.  Through Christs Righteousness, we have the legal right to rule and reign with Him, from heaven into the earth. 
Sons in the kingdom know who they are and know Whose they are.  They are Free from intimidation, rejection, insecurities inadequacies, pride and unbelief.  They are the apple of His eye, they are chosen, and they are grafted in
They have no lack, they have a rich inheritance, they are co-heirs with Christ and they are the ones that all of creation is groaning for to be revealed. Because they have the answers that the world is looking for. 
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As sons mature they learn how to go about their Fathers business making known the wisdom ways of God just as in King Solomon’s day.  For the sons are born of above and do not come under the same thought patterns as society.  Their minds are transformed and renewed. They have been given the mind of Christ.  They grow in love of their Saviour and of serving each other, lives laid down yet lifted up.  
The call of God is going out and all of creation is joining in. Crying out for the sons to be revealed.  Believers born of the Spirit, aligning themselves with who God says they are and who God has called them to be.  Not through any righteous thing that they have done, but through the righteousness of One Man.  They are born into this privilege.  Jesus is celebrating them coming into the truth of their identity, there is no orphans in His Kingdom, He sings over us
“Here come the sons!”

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